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Joyful mood and laughter increase the production of endorphins in the body

This is why watching a comedy film or cheerful communication positively affects the level of these substances and improves the psychological state of a person. On our Earth there are many beautiful and interesting places. Some of them are created by nature, others by man. Find the most interesting places, some of which you simply must visit, see and try at least once in your life. If you can bring at least a small part of these ideas to life, then you will always have wonderful memories that you can tell your relatives and friends.

Egypt is the most accessible Africa. The weather allows you to relax at sea all year round. In December - February - only in the evenings the air can be cool, and the water in the sea never drops below 19-20 degrees Celsius. Almost no rain, always sunny. Sometimes it's windy. In summer, the temperature is high, up to 40 degrees Celsius, but the humidity is very low, the heat is easily tolerated. Moreover, the room is air-conditioned and the street is a breeze.

The most beautiful Red Sea, the most transparent sea on the planet (no river flows into it), well-preserved (hunting for coral reef inhabitants, collection and removal of corals and shells is prohibited), warm and very salty, attracts everyone here and divers and just lovers (children and adults) to swim with a mask among bright fish. Plus an interesting excursion program - Cairo and Luxor. Architectural monuments are of great interest, because these are the oldest surviving buildings on the planet. Modern hotels, meals in many of them are All Inclusive, reasonable prices.

Thailand. The beach season is all year round, the best time to travel is from November to February. It is very hot in spring and rains in summer. The water temperature in the sea all year round is about 30 degrees Celsius. Thailand is the most popular of the exotic countries, and the flow of tourists to it is constantly increasing. This is facilitated by a rich excursion program, low prices, decent service in hotels and inexpensive diverse shopping.

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Cheap fun things to do this weekend

There are many beaches on the planet, very beautiful, very unusual, sandy, rocky, grassy, wooden, even glass

Turkey. The beach season begins in May and ends at the end of October. The clear sea, beautiful nature, friendly hosts, the best entertainment programs in hotels for children and adults in Europe, children's animation clubs and water slides in the hotel grounds, All Inclusive meals, very reasonable prices, close flight, visa right at the airport of arrival, make Turkey the most attractive destination for family vacations. Without a doubt, Turkey has the most developed beach holiday infrastructure among the Mediterranean countries. There are no such number of luxury hotels anywhere else in Europe. Moreover, hotel owners are trying to improve them, almost every hotel is being renovated for the new season and is preparing something new.

Spain. The beach season begins in June and ends in October. In the northern part (near Barcelona) in September, cloudy days are possible. Spain attracts tourists with the opportunity to combine rest on the sea with interesting excursions and high quality European service. The developed leisure infrastructure offers in the tourist area: water parks, amusement parks and theme parks, many restaurants, bars and discos. History has left many architectural monuments, excursions to museums and galleries are organized, special entertainments and shows are created for tourists, and of course flamenco dancing and bullfighting.

Along with this, it is interesting to look at the high European standards of life, it may be closer to know the Europeans. In addition, a relatively short flight of 4-5 hours, a high level of service and friendliness of the Spaniards, relatively low prices make this country very attractive. Nevertheless, Spain has some features, unlike other beach destinations: compulsory visa issuance (week), all beaches in Spain are municipal, there are no hotels with their own beaches (sun loungers, umbrellas are paid on the spot 2-3 EUR per sunbed and the same amount for an umbrella for the whole day). Most hotels offer breakfast and dinner or full board.

Canary Islands. Belong to Spain and of course, all the advantages of a beach holiday in Spain applies to the Canary Islands. Add to this - season all year round, diverse vegetation, very picturesque views, cruises on small islands and deserted beaches, entertaining shows for children and adults, all this is the Canary Islands. Excellent hotel base, from economical apartments to luxury hotels. In many hotels, animation teams work all day, sports are held, aerobics classes, various competitions and games for adults and children are held. All municipal beaches, umbrellas and sunbeds - for a fee (about 4 EUR).

The sand is large, gray, of volcanic origin. The cost of the island service is always slightly higher than the mainland, it is detached from the earth, and of course, the cost increases due to the cost of a long flight - a direct charter flight of 7 hours. The plane flies only in Tenerife, if you want to get to another island - Lanzarote or Fuerteventura, you need to take care of plane tickets from Tenerife to the desired island. Canary Islands are summer all year round.

Croatia. The beach season begins in June and ends in September. The eastern part of the Adriatic Sea, along which Croatia stretches, is without a doubt the most beautiful part of the Mediterranean Sea. Clear water, a mixture of monuments from different eras - antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the opportunity to visit Venice and Trieste from Italy in the northernmost part of Croatia (Istrian peninsula) in Italy, attract more and more travelers every year to Croatia. The beaches on the Istrian peninsula, with rare exceptions, are concrete platforms, natural stones and small pebble lagoons. In Central Dalmatia, primarily south of Split (the cities of Brela, Baska Voda, Tucepi, etc.) and on the island of Brac, they consist of small pebbles and are considered the best on the entire coast. Pines grow literally 3-4 meters from the surf line, and therefore no umbrellas are needed. These places are especially attractive for families with children.

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