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The gentle sea, the warming sun and gentle white sand - this is the basic set of pleasures for a good beach holiday in the summer! But where to look for him? For example, Burgas - here the mild climate is combined with the gentle shallow sea, the beautiful sandy beach stretches for many kilometers, and its frame is a huge green park, a favorite place for residents and visitors of the city.

What else is needed for a comfortable stay? Oh yes, fun! At your service in Burgas is an amusement park and a children's workshop, a mini-zoo and playgrounds, and in July-August an international festival of sand sculptures is held here. Even more interesting will be found in the outskirts of the city - the traditional Bulgarian village of Bata, a water park in Pomorie and a zoological park in Aytos.

Andalusia is a real mixture of cultures, styles and eras, that's why they go to Malaga not only for a spa holiday, it's hard to sit still or rather to "lie down"! When an ancient city with an Arab fortress, an ancient Roman theater and buildings in the Art Nouveau and Baroque style is spread out nearby, there's no time for a beautiful tan! And if you recall such pearls as Granada and Seville, your feet will carry you to the station. Nevertheless, the beaches of Malaga are worthy of at least a week of your vacation. It is always clean, comfortable and fun here, and the sea is ideal for lovers of swimming at a depth that begins almost from the coast.

Alicante - it's always good at this resort, but especially here you can enjoy a beach holiday in July, when the sea has finally warmed up, and in the evenings you don't need to bring a jacket with you. Alicante is a universal place where it will be good for all tourists: adults and children, young and old. The endless sandy beaches of the resort with all the necessary infrastructure are interspersed by secluded picturesque bays with a more rocky entrance to the sea. Fans of beauty are surprised by the old part of Alicante, fashionistas are attracted to boutiques and shopping centers, gourmets are constantly tasting all kinds of tapas, and children frolic in the rides and in the safari park. In a word, there are all kinds of entertainment.

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If you really want to go to Italy, but the budget is limited, then you are in Rimini

This is the most democratic resort in the country, which also offers an excellent beach holiday with children. The sandy coast here stretches both in length and in width, so there is enough space for everyone, and a gentle entrance to the water is perfect for kids. In addition, young tourists are waiting for water parks, a dolphinarium, a lunapark and an attraction "Italy in miniature", where you can hug the Leaning Tower of Pisa or look inside the Coliseum! And for adults, the resort has prepared the famous Italian shopping, a lot of excursions through antiquities and, of course, a whole list of gastro-foods.

A beach holiday in June sometimes scares us with the cold sea and unstable weather, but this is definitely not about Sicily! Sunny Italian island opens the bathing season one of the first in Europe. There are a lot of resorts here and they are all different - popular and secluded, with long beaches and cozy bays, with pebbles and sand, and the latter also differs in color - from snow-white and golden to black volcanic. However, on the whole island you will always meet the hospitality of local residents, a lot of antiquities and beauties, excellent cuisine and a romantic halo of stories about the mafia.

A beach holiday in Europe is not a cheap pleasure, but Crete is trying to break this stereotype and, I must say, quite successfully! On the largest Greek island, you can find accommodation for almost any budget, from inexpensive guesthouses to chic 5-star hotels. But the sea, the sun and many beaches here are free for all tourists. In Crete (it's Greece, after all) there is everything: quiet family resorts and fun youth parties, ancient sights and natural beauties, good diving, shopping is even better, and what kind of cuisine! In a word, come and see for yourself.

Do not think that a small island is not able to offer its tourists a large palette of resort entertainment! In Rhodes, lovers of antiquities will plunge into the color of ancient cities, explore the monasteries and ancient ruins. Fans of natural attractions expect Butterfly Valley and Seven Springs. Wind and kitesurfers will appreciate the efforts of the Rhodes winds in the west of the island. And if you prefer a calm sea, it is better to go to the east coast. It is also worth coming here with children for whom all the conditions are created on the island: family hotels and a huge water park, attractions and an ostrich farm.

Pathos. Let the name of this resort not bother you, the rest here can be called democratic, as in all of Cyprus. However, unlike typical beach places, they come to Paphos not only for the sake of the sea, but with a thirst to touch the ancient history of the island. Unique mosaics, royal tombs, ancient theater are just some of its witnesses. Local beaches are mostly pebbled, so the water here is clean and clear: it is not surprising that among such beauty Aphrodite decided to go ashore from the sea foam, and then arranged a meeting here with Dionysus! Come to Paphos.

Refined, luxurious and expensive - these are the epithets that apply to resorts on the Cote d'Azur. In Nice, you can arrange yourself the best beach holiday in July, when the sea is already warm enough for swimming. In the same period, the city is enveloped in the amazing musical atmosphere of the Jazz Festival. Add a pinch of history here, strolling through the old quarters with colorful houses and pretty churches. A little chic in the form of a promenade along the promenade, surrounded by pompous buildings and no less pompous people. And it will turn out exactly what is called a truly aristocratic vacation in France.

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