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Where to relax in the velvet season

Velvet in the northern hemisphere is the season from early August to mid-October. In some places, this season lasts much longer. A beach holiday at this time is considered one of the most comfortable: the heat is not as strong as in the summer, the sea is still warm, there are fewer tourists, because many go home to study and work with the beginning of autumn, and the cost of both tours and flight with accommodation during this period, as a rule, is significantly reduced. So those who can afford to go on a trip at this time receive not only a pleasant stay, but also a bonus in the form of lower prices.

The influence of the tourist seasons in Greece is very great: many cafes, restaurants and hotels are open only from May to October. But in those open all year round, in the low season, it's easier to book the best rooms with a gorgeous view of the ancient ruins, while the restaurants offer you the best service and very sociable waiters who are not too busy working and will be happy to photograph your company at dinner or reveal the local secrets of a good holiday. Naturally, not only cafes, but also ancient ruins are deserted, so a walk along them makes a greater impression. As for the weather, December is the wettest month, and January is the coldest, but the climate is still very mild and pleasant, and thanks to high humidity, the rocky terrain is covered with greenery and pleases the eye with bright colors.

Italians call November in Sicily "the summer of St. Martin." The weather at this time is sunny and warm, but not too hot, so visiting archaeological sites is much more pleasant. In addition, all cruise ships have already set sail, and the empty museums have reduced their working hours and close at 15:30, but this only makes travel planning easier: in the morning - a cultural program, in the evening - a walk in the fresh air and dinner at the best table of any restaurant. No queues and very fast service.

Sicilian cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world. And the matter is not only in rich history. Who was not there: the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Byzantines, and Normans, and each nation brought their own recipes, and the local cuisine carefully collected and stored them. The local mentality also contributes to diversity: in every corner of this not too big island there is a different way of preparing certain dishes. For example, the famous caponata - fried vegetables with sweet and sour sauce - has more than 40 recipes, and all are considered classic! The basis of Sicilian cuisine is seafood, vegetables, herbs and fruits. Stew vegetables, fry, bake and, of course, eat raw. They like olives, tomatoes, eggplant, onions and beans, various spices and, of course, do not forget about pasta. All meals are accompanied by bread: it is eaten only fresh and therefore baked twice a day.

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Why you should take a vacation as soon as possible

The low season sets in all of Europe almost simultaneously, while winter creeps up from the north. But is still not felt in Portugal in November

There are fewer cloudy days than sunny ones, but it is still summer-like. At lunch, it's nice to walk light through the streets, smelling of roasted chestnuts, and if you get to the coast, you can even sunbathe. But in the evening you need to wrap yourself in the warmest sweaters and keep warm with traditional drinks: the famous port or cherry tincture of Gianginya, which is especially good if served in edible shot glasses made of chocolate. It's very nice to drive around in autumn Portugal by car: the reddening vineyards alternate with green fields, on which huge, almost ripe orange pumpkins are scattered, and tall white wind stations slowly rotate their blades over all this beauty.

The influx of tourists in Venice decreases by the end of October and resumes only from April, not counting the two-week surge during the Venice Festival, which in 2019 will be held from February 16 to March 5. Of course, life is in full swing in this city all year round, but those short lines that are nevertheless formed in the "off season" can not be compared with those that need to be defended, for example, in June or July. The fact that it is really cold here in winter, in January and February is true, because the city literally stands on the water, and humid air usually feels colder than the readings of a thermometer.

But if you arrive in the extreme months of the low season, that is, in November or March, you can find pleasantly refreshing air and not hot sunny days. Separate entertainment is the so-called "acqua alta", that is, high water. In the cold months, the tides are so strong that water from the canals floods the squares and streets of the city. In fact, the water leaves as fast as it arrives, that is, the flood lasts no longer than a couple of hours, which you can safely spend in the cafe, but it's much more fun to put on high rubber boots and, as in childhood, to run through huge puddles.

If you go to Italy first of all for pizza and pasta, go to sunny Campania. It was here that dishes appeared that the whole world fell in love with. For example, Margarita pizza was invented in honor of the visit of Queen of Italy Margarita of Savoy to Naples: a local pizza maker first prepared pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, which symbolized the colors of the Italian flag. Royal people appreciated the new taste, and pizza got its world famous name.

Another dish well known to every tourist was also born here. No, not spaghetti! Because of them, the Neapolitans still argue with China. But the rum woman appeared in Campania. Be sure to try this dessert here, but be careful - it is much more alcoholic than our usual cakes. Neapolitan coffee deserves special mention. Thick and hot espresso here is incredibly tasty, you can drink it until late in the evening. But cappuccino, as in all of Italy, is traditionally drunk only in the morning.

Swimming in the sea next to dolphins is always fun, interesting and akin to adventure. Every person at least once in his life should try to swim among dolphins - the sensations are indescribable. By the way, today this lesson is also used for therapeutic purposes. Dolphins are unique animals, their majesty of movement and obvious friendliness towards people, contributes to mental calm, relieve tension and stress. The behavior of dolphins has been studied by mankind for many centuries, but no one has yet been able to guess the riddle of their existence on earth. Today, dolphinariums are organized in many large cities of the world, where adults and children are invited to swim in the company of trained dolphins and get a lot of unforgettable impressions. Dolphin swimming has been practiced since 1960, but dolphinariums began to be built in large numbers in the late 90s.

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