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There are many advantages to traveling on a motorcycle. The first is freedom. This is youth! Absolutely different sensations, especially in nature, in the mountains

Traveling around Russia on a motorcycle - such trips are becoming increasingly popular. Within the framework of moto tours, a whole range of new impressions, opportunities, overcoming oneself and a wonderful sense of self-improvement awaits. On the way, you can test yourself, your partners or friends in extreme conditions, learn how to manage your energy and replenish the reserves of a positive attitude. Traveling on a motorcycle teaches you to use intuition correctly and rely on sober calculation.

A trip around Russia on a motorcycle allows you to discover the possibilities of body and spirit, visit places where you can draw strength, experience vivid emotions, and, finally, simply lose extra pounds, find a toned body with pumped up muscles. Mototravel allows you to feel the world around each cell. With the mandatory release of adrenaline into the blood, organized motorized trips are no more dangerous than other types of tourism. And they definitely give you the pleasure of exploring new places and cultures.

Visit the mountain Altai on a motorcycle. A popular route is a motto trip to Altai. The region is located in the center of Asia, almost equidistant from the oceans: North, Indian and Pacific. There are vast territories of nature untouched by civilization, which are a stone's throw from modern cities. An amazing change of landscapes and natural areas awaits you on the road. If you meet the dawn in Barnaul, then in the afternoon the path through the taiga, and at sunset the motorcyclist overcomes the mountain pass.

From the capital of Altai Krai, the route leads to Lake Teletskoye, located at an altitude of more than 400 m above sea level, and from Barnaul at a distance of 550 km. The most difficult part of the route will run along the Chulyshman River, which flows into Lake Teletskoye. In total, more than 7 dozen rivers and streams flow into the body of water. As part of a motto trip to Altai, you can visit the Korbu waterfall, reseeding on the boat. A few hours of waterway, unloading motorcycles and then a dirt road along the Chulyshman valley. Upon reaching the Katu-Yaryk pass, a rest day during which short radial trips are made with sightseeing.

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More and more foreigners travel to Russia

Europeans are attracted by open spaces, a sense of freedom that cannot be found in countries where villages and lands are private property at every step. Americans, Brazilians also go to Russia to ride a huge country on a motorcycle. And these are not romantics divorced from real life, but quite a respectable, wealthy public. These are people who once felt all the advantages of Moto tourism, the main disadvantage of which is almost drug addiction, the desire to conquer new territories. Mototourists can find like-minded people anywhere in the world. Friends and acquaintances are found at motor forums, festivals, club events. In unfamiliar cities there is a shelter, a table or help if an iron horse breaks down. On a motorcycle, you can reach places where you can't drive by car.

Motorbike tour of Baikal is an increasingly popular option for outdoor activities. The majestic nature of the lake, its magical atmosphere attracts Russians and foreign visitors. The most popular motorcycle route starts from the village of Malyi Goloustnoye, which is 15 km from the lake. The path runs along the Baikal ridge, several times crosses the river Fignyushka. There are possible branches from the road in the direction of bays on the lake shores. The route continues to the village of Buguldeyka, where tourists will find a Russian bathhouse and excellent dishes of the local cuisine, for example, from lamb grown on the grasses of the local steppes.

The Baikal mototour continues along the Tazheran steppes, then the participants on the ferry cross the Olkhon Island, where they spend one to several days at will. There is a great active and contemplative tourism. On the island you can ride on dry and sandy roads (class "enduro"). Hilly forest-steppes and large sandstone "Mexico" succeed each other. In the village of Khuzhir on Lake Baikal, which plays the role of a base for travelers, there are many hotels of different levels of comfort. Moto travel on Lake Baikal in this direction does not require special skill from tourists. And the event ends with an award, the presentation of special characters, a farewell dinner.

Mototravels in the Urals are also very interesting. The popularity of motorcycle trips in the Urals is associated with the opportunity to experience unlimited freedom of movement, to feel the atmosphere of untouched nature. Here, on the border between Europe and Asia, the trip will be on the verge of reality and myth. The route in the Urals is complex and multifaceted. Around there will be real Russia with its magnificent landscapes, fishing, a bathhouse, old villages. Motorbike travelers are required to have sufficient off-road driving experience or good physical condition to try themselves in the landscapes of the Urals.

And these are mountainous areas, riverbeds, lakes, forest-steppes and mountain slopes covered with forests. There are difficult sections of the road with dirt roads. There are gravel areas near the settlements. Motorcyclists have to overcome river crossings, clay, pits, mud, puddles, drive along forest roads that no one has used for decades. At the same time, on the road - acquaintance with the original culture, life of the local population, spending the night in tents on river banks or hostels, picnics, a bathhouse, photographing landscapes, visiting the magnificent Shatak plateau and stopping at a cozy hotel in Abzakovo.

Embark on an adventure in Russia on a motorcycle. No trip on a comfortable bus or car can compare with a trip on a motorcycle. For you, a sense of freedom and contact with the new world. Feelings of reality create the wind and smell, color and speed. There are routes and travel scenarios of different duration and complexity categories across Baikal and all of Russia, among which you can choose the most suitable for yourself. The longest motorcycle tour - Moscow-Vladivostok is designed for 3 weeks. Moto tourism in Russia is only gaining momentum. It's still a wonder to see bikers crossing country roads or highways between major cities of the country.

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