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How traveling affects your mood. The happiest part of your vacation.

Why should a person travel? How do adventures change us

Everyone knows that outdoor recreation raises the mood and adds vitality. But more recently, doctors have found that such relaxation can literally change our brain. For the better! Most people living on planet Earth would like to explore its farthest corners. But many cannot do this because of financial constraints; others simply consider tourism a waste of time and sincerely do not understand why a person needs travel. The fact is that after each trip we do not return the same.

Camping and traveling through the wildest and most uninhabited corners of our planet not only bring a sea of vivid impressions, but also help us stop thinking! Yes, according to scientists and doctors, the best way to cope with a bad mood is to temporarily "turn off" the brain. And the most interesting thing is that it is in a state of "disconnection" that the human brain literally transforms.

Clean, fresh air has a positive effect on physical health. What about psychological health? There are many reasons for serious stress and depression. Once scientists examined a group of people who were sent for 90 minutes to walk through the woods. Over this short period of time, activity in the area of the brain that controls psychological illnesses and stress-related problems has been significantly reduced. Just imagine, if only an hour and a half give such a positive result, then what a super effect will be achieved in a few days spent in remote corners of the world.

So, if you have a creative crisis or have a lot of difficult questions, the solution is simple - to move away from the world with its vanity for a short time. In the new environment, there is much more chance of finding the optimal solution and making a creative breakthrough! A person does not need to spend a lot of money for traveling to expensive tourist destinations. You can achieve a positive effect from touching another culture, even if you just went for a walk in the neighboring town.

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How to overcome depression naturally

Unity with nature can even change the cynic

Good health, longevity, harmony in personal relationships and genuine happiness - in order to get it all at once, you just need to remember about relaxation and from time to time throw everything in the far corner, get your favorite backpack and go to where it is quiet and beautiful. Maybe you'll try it now.

Creativity is directly related to the neuroplasticity of the brain, that is, its ability to adapt to new situations and sensory materials. Travel experience enhances both cognitive flexibility and depth, as well as the integration of thought, a person's ability to establish deep connections between disparate forms. Sometimes your comfort, well-being, interesting travel and even safety depend on the quality of your communication. This is very motivating to find a common language.

Why should a person travel? Surely many of us felt insecure, and low self-esteem is familiar to everyone who has experienced depression. Travel will also help with these problems! Cross-cultural experience increases a person's self-esteem. The ability to interact with people from different walks of life, and not just with the social comfort zone, helps a person develop and strengthen a sense of self. This is evidenced by numerous psychological studies. You learn to communicate with people of diverse mentalities. How many people do you chat live with at home? Five, ten, twenty? If you travel without a program prepared in advance with a cityguide and a group of compatriots, that is, on your own, then you are forced to communicate with dozens of new people every day.

Traveling to unknown places and exploring other cultures is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and face your fears. During travels, people are often visited by the most incredible ideas. A step towards your fears is a great way to get rid of them. The search for opportunities to survive in a foreign environment, the study of a second language contributes to a large surge in IQ. Learning languages also helps the brain muscles to strengthen and form new neural connections, which means that travel can literally make the human brain faster and stronger.

Why is travel necessary for a modern person and how do they affect us? Usually on vacation we tend to relax. And even the most active holiday, whether it is hiking in the mountains or rafting on the river, is a change of habitual activity, which means better relaxation. The world is diverse and the adaptation of people to life in different countries is also individual. Therefore, recognizing and observing the life of other nations, your own personality expands the boundaries.

What gives your brain one trip? What about two? And regular trips to new and unexplored places? How positive is it and how to travel so that both you and the psyche feel good about it? We get knowledge not so much from books and video programs, but from direct personal experience. And when you are physically in a completely different climate, communicate with completely different people, find yourself in completely different situations, then your brain is forced to grow new neurons.

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