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Four mini-vacations bring much more health benefits than is commonly believed

Resting several times a year, but in small sections of time it is healthier to use than to use the entire holiday in one piece. This is the conclusion reached by physiologists. According to scientists, it is best to break the standard four-week annual vacation into four parts. In this case, it is desirable to distribute them throughout all seasons.

Relaxation is not necessarily complete passivity, it can be an activity that brings pleasure and does not require much effort. When every day we feel responsible for the performance of labor and household duties, our brain is constantly in the "task solving mode", and when we can finally relax and rest, it goes into the "default settings mode". Then the areas of the brain that are responsible for creativity and memory strengthening are activated.

Having finally thrown off the burden of responsibility, you spend all your days on a lounger all day long, splashing in the ocean or storming tourist paths. At this time, your body trains, is saturated with oxygen and produces vitamin D. You move, and the blood circulates better, nourishing organs and nerve tissues. Your mind gradually clears up, we become more cheerful, and already we want not to lie all day in bed, but to switch to a more vigorous pastime.

Whether you go to Fiji, to the Caucasus or to Brazil, or to the camp site an hour away from your city is not so important. The main thing is that you can rest as you like. Some people need restaurants, and someone needs spiritual food, someone loves boat trips, and some dream to retool the beds in the country. Do something that gives you joy and gives you the opportunity to switch completely.

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Short weekend getaways

Why vacation is good for health

Researchers believe that a few short breaks from work allow a person to appreciate more the time spent on vacation, and hence the feeling of happiness. But what should be the vacation to have a good rest? Choose a place to relax so that you can spend your favorite time there. There are a lot of amazing people in the world, and also there are beautiful corners of nature. Virtuosos perform in concert halls, exhibit paintings of geniuses at exhibitions, great matches, festivals, carnivals take place. Gorgeous emotions, days filled with joy, will become your protective buffer against stress at work and a vaccine against boredom monotonous days.

Some people dream of only one thing, going on vacation: sleep it off. And do not underestimate the importance of this process. After prolonged stress, it is extremely helpful to laze around. When we have the opportunity to suspend for several months the race and relieve tension, the body, grateful for a breather, begins to intensively produce oxytocin and serotonin, raising our spirits.

Of course, in preparing for the long-awaited vacation, we rarely think about what is the most useful period of rest, it is better to rest for a long time, or a short rest is better. Meanwhile, a change of activity, schedule and new impressions, in any case, will help us to relax, and a short duration of rest, will allow us to return to work mode much faster.

A short vacation usually lasts no more than one week. It would seem, and what can be done in a week? - a lot! On a short vacation you can go, literally anywhere: at least sunbathe on the sea, even go to the mountains, or go skiing. You can, for example, fly abroad, to some country to see the sights there, because tours abroad are a classic kind of short rest. In most cases, a short rest implies an active type of rest, with all this, such vacationers have time to cover a lot, in such a short period of time.

Which vacation is better for a company and an employee, long or short? Relax in your short vacation is useful and happy! Do not forget that it is much easier to plan a day when you are resting, which means that you do not depend on anything, namely on your work - after all, you are on a short vacation, spend it with benefits for your health.

The effect of the vacation is short, it lasts only three to four weeks, while perfectionists and workaholics have even less. After that, workers return to the same level of happiness or unhappiness that was before the rest. At the same time a long vacation does not mean the best rest. The pleasure of resting quickly grows in the first days, reaches a peak on the eighth day, and then gradually decreases. So it is better to break the vacation days of the year into two or three parts, than to go in one long vacation. Rest properly.

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