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When deciding which style of riding is preferable for you, be guided by your mood, inner feelings, soul call, if you like, call it that. Are you drawn to the speed and dynamics on the descent? Well, you need to learn freeride routes. Bike for this you need to select the appropriate - a strong two-suspension, with long-stroke shock absorbers. For such a bike you need to pick up the appropriate equipment: a strong helmet full-face, moto-mask, long gloves, knee pads and elbow pads.

Riding a bike will be a joy for the hardiest. Every year there are more and more people who quench their passion for changing places without the help of cars, trains and airplanes, and at the wheel of a bicycle. Such trips require careful preparation, patience, resourcefulness. In return, cyclists get a lot of unique impressions in places inaccessible to those who appreciate comfort.

Bicycle is the only means of travel when you are very close to people, to people, to nature. Because from the car you practically see nothing, if you ride the bus in large tourist groups, you are closed. Nothing brings people closer like a bicycle, cyclists believe. It was in such trips, many of them found their soul mate. You can ride a bike not only to another city, but also to a foreign country and even to another continent.

A city dweller will be happy to plunge into the atmosphere of road romance and throw away the everyday metropolis. And the best thing to do is to go on an independent trip. But before you devote yourself to new discoveries, it is better to know in advance how to travel alone by bike. If you decide to open the world from this side, pay special attention to the choice of the iron horse. If you are going to go on an exciting trip, pedaling, you should prepare for it in advance. Of course, such an adventure will be on the shoulder not for everyone, because discovering the world, sitting astride a bicycle, is much more difficult than looking out of a car or train window.

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Your riding style determines a lot

The island of La Palma (Canary Islands), a very popular place of European mountain bikers, with car dumping up. With a trail skating - bike trip, when you can count on your own strength to climb up - you are armed with a light-weight mid-range, two-suspension bike and minimal protection in the form of a light helmet, goggles and gloves. The trail style is safe and accessible to absolutely everyone. There are probably lots of places for trail skating around the world. There are no bindings to the lifts and the special conditions of the descent route. Many resorts will suit: Turkey, Crimea, Canaries, Issyk-Kul, Croatia, Greece.

The most universal bike for cycle tourism - a mountain bike - is a universal bike. If you are going to hike a large part of the paved roads, then you can just put a smoother rubber to make it easier to go. Bright, visible clothing from a distance - an indispensable attribute of the cyclist. Do not take too much clothing. Enough pair of t-shirts and pants. You may need a windbreaker or a warm shirt.

Traveling by bike - for the thrifty, but the most hardy. There are a lot of people who quench their passion for changing places without the help of cars, trains and airplanes, and at the wheel of a bicycle. Such trips require deep preparation, patience, resourcefulness. In return, you will find a lot of unique experiences in places inaccessible to lovers of comfort.

The Italian Riviera attracts tourists with the turquoise sea, elegant old towns and the air filled with the aroma of cypresses. Here it is good to wander through the winding streets, bask on the beach, and then have dinner with pasta with pesto jenovese. Not much adventure? Then rent a bike and run around the local bike lanes. There will be no need to break records: on the coast of the Ligurian Sea there are a lot of routes that even children can handle.

A good place to start is San Lorenzo al Mare, from which the bike path stretches to Ospedaletti. Meet the tunnels - do not be surprised: before there was a railway line, instead of which they laid smooth asphalt. All 24 km you can slip in one day, and if you get tired, stop in any town along the way. Just try not to miss Sanremo. Find out where Alfred Nobel lived, from where in Italy the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and in honor of which Empress was named the embankment. And if you arrive in March, you will go straight to the festival of flowers - you can consider it a reward for a bicycle trip.

Visit the medieval castles and sip French wine. Rural roads with pastoral views, vineyards, charming towns and villages, incredible cuisine - this is what a bicycle trip in the valley of the longest French river. The entire route along the Loire is 800 km. You can choose any piece and come even for a couple of days: take a ride between a couple of cities and have a look at the famous Loire castles surrounded by well-kept gardens.

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