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Krasnodar region. Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory annually attract thousands of vacationers. The Black Sea coast has a diverse climate. Those who prefer the subtropics are better off heading to Sochi and the surrounding area. In Anapa, the air is drier, the humidity is much less. Many Russian resorts on the Black Sea in terms of service are slightly inferior to European.

Kamchatka is one of the most interesting places in Russia and the dream of many travelers. But keep in mind, Kamchatka is not a Black Sea resort and the trip will be more active-extreme in nature, the nature here is wild and harsh and this is the main attraction of this region. The main attraction, of course, are volcanoes, there are more than 300 of them in Kamchatka and 36 of them are active. The most famous: Karymsky, Avachinsky, Ksudach, Mutnovsky, Vilyuchinsky and, of course, Klyuchevskaya Sopka - the highest active volcano in Eurasia. No less famous and attractive is the valley of geysers - an accumulation of thermal springs over an area of about 6 square km. Take a trip to the Dangerous Canyon - one of the most picturesque and beautiful places on the peninsula, admire the Blue Lakes at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level.

Amazing natural formations in the craters of the Semyachik and Gorely volcanoes - acid lakes will certainly amaze your imagination. And for dessert, the Komandorski Islands, lost off the coast of Kamchatka - feel the oneness with nature on the edge of the earth, where else can you experience this? Do not forget to experience all the charms of local fishing, take a dip in the thermal springs in the famous Paratunka, taste Kamchatka caviar, and if your visit is in the snowy season, be sure to ride a team with fast and hardy huskies. Stunning beauty reserves and absolutely fantastic wildlife in its pristine beauty - this is what you can see when you come to Kamchatka.

Caucasus. The Caucasus is one of the most multinational regions of Russia. Traveling around Kabardino-Balkaria or mountain Adygea will remain in your memory for a long time. Lovers of outdoor activities rush here: rafting on mountain rivers, equestrian tourism, mountain climbing. The Caucasus is also the famous sanatoriums of Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, and the Minvod. Caucasian hospitality, clean mountain air, healing springs, a unique landscape of the surrounding nature will leave an indelible impression on every vacationer.

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Crimea. The unique climatic conditions of the peninsula are suitable for an ideal holiday for adults and children. Sandy beaches, rocky mountains, warm sea, historical sights, nature reserves can all be found in Crimea. It has long been chosen by lovers of beach and sightseeing vacations. The best sanatoriums of the country are located in Crimea. According to its climatic conditions, the southern coast of Crimea differs from the eastern one. More than half of the peninsula's nature reserves are concentrated on the South Coast. The east coast is famous for its sandy beaches.

The name Altai comes from the Turkic "Altan" - gold, and indeed, by the beauty of natural places, ethnographic significance and the number of unique natural monuments, this is one of the richest places on our planet. These are endless mountain ranges with piercing white glaciers, stormy rivers and placers of transparent and amazingly beautiful lakes, deep caves lurking in the secrets of centuries, cave paintings and petroglyphs that carry the wisdom of time to our modern world.

Mountain Altai is a place of magic and legends of the ancient Scythians, it is here, according to many legends, the crown of everything is hidden - the entrance to the legendary Shambhala. This is a place that you can't visit in a hurry, trying to "gallop" over the most interesting and tick off, you need to approach Altai seriously and thoughtfully, open your soul to him and then he will answer you the same - bewitch, bewitch and will remain another scar on heart, and you will come again and again to his call.

Severe and impregnable, at first glance, the Severo-Chuy ridge will meet you with stunning views and fabulous glaciers, which you can not only see, but also touch with your hands. The mysterious Ukok Plateau is the tomb of the "Altai Princess" - desert lunar landscapes. The famous Teletskoye Lake - the silent beauty of dark waters and the Kishte and Korbu waterfalls. The highest point of Altai Mountains - Mount Belukha (4506 m.), Shrouded in mysticism and tradition, will attract power and pristine power.

The rebellious Katun will open before you a new world of its picturesque shores. Denisova cave will turn back the clock and take you to 50 000?45 000 years BC. e., you can see with your own eyes real excavations, and perhaps you will witness another archaeological sensation, and this place is far from the only archaeological find of this magnitude. Tickle your nerves as you walk along the suspension bridge to the sacred island of Patmos and admire the small wooden church of St. Apostle John the Theologian.

Look into the eyes of a stone Mongol warrior in the Adyr-Kan sanctuary, perhaps it is for you, he will tell the secrets of being and time. Surprise the stone mushrooms of Ak-Kurum in the natural boundary of the same name, this unique natural phenomenon, unfortunately, does not last forever and collapses every year under the pressure of the elements, perhaps our children and great-grandchildren will not be able to enjoy it, so let's not miss our chance. Enjoy stunning views of Katun and its surroundings from the top of the Devil's Finger mountain, it's not so easy to get there, but it's quite possible and really worth it. Be sure to visit the "four brothers" - granite rocks near the resort of Belokurikha. According to legend, the rocks are four brothers who suffered God's punishment for wanting to fill an unusual lake with hot springs and kill their fifth brother, who did not agree with them. Do not forget about the famous resort itself, for the second year in a row it has been recognized as the best resort in Russia, and for the beauty of these places it has been nicknamed "Russian Switzerland". In addition to all of the above, you will find museums, reserves, countless gorges, caves, passes, waterfalls and lakes. For lovers of outdoor activities and extreme fishing, hunting, rafting and much more.

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