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Visiting St. Petersburg means to go to an open-air museum, to a city famous for its history, to a place full of masterpieces and monuments. It is very easy to explore the sights of St. Petersburg, because the city was built thoughtfully, in strict accordance with the plan. At the same time, you can admire the Northern capital both from land and by boat trips along numerous rivers and canals. Tourists are attracted not only by man-made sights, but also by such a natural phenomenon as white nights. The historical center of the city is the Palace Square, on which the Winter Palace is located (currently it receives visitors to the Hermitage), as well as the building of the ministries and the General Staff of Tsarist Russia.

In the center of another famous square - Senate - is a monument to the Great Peter, the Bronze Horseman. The most beautiful place in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), intended for recreation, is the arrow of Vasilyevsky Island. Although the surrounding landscapes can be called rather picturesque, the Peter and Paul Fortress is a symbol of St. Petersburg, the Neva and its three central bridges, and the Hermitage. The main and oldest street of Northern Palmyra is Nevsky Prospect, which has a length of just over 4 km. Another famous place of St. Petersburg is St. Isaac's Square and the magnificent St. Isaac's Cathedral located on it.

Unlike other Russian cities, but possessing uniqueness and originality, these are St. Petersburg, City of Peter the Great, the Northern capital, as well as Northern Venice or Northern Palmyra. Only the best of the best or the most worthy of the most worthy could be awarded such epithets. One of the cultural, scientific and economic centers of Russia is located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, in the Neva Delta.

What else is worth visiting in the center of St. Petersburg? Anichkov bridge - one of the most famous bridges in St. Petersburg. The bridge got its name in honor of Colonel-Engineer Mikhail Anichkov, whose battalion was located behind the Fontanka in Anichkova settlement back in the time of Peter the Great. And of course Anichkov Palace. The palace was built as a gift to the favorite of Elizabeth Petrovna Alexei Razumovsky. Because of its location, the Anichkov Palace served as a decoration for the entrance to Petersburg, the border of which passed along the Fontanka River in the middle of the 18th century. After the revolution in 1937, it opened the Palace of Pioneers, which exists today.

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Best St. Petersburg tours, excursions and activities

Do not forget to visit Peterhof in the vicinity of St. Petersburg

Peterhof is a palace and park ensemble on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. Along with other architectural monuments, it is a visiting card of St. Petersburg and part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The appearance of the suburban imperial residence was formed during the XVIII-XIX centuries, was severely damaged during the Great Patriotic War, but completely restored and ennobled. The best time to visit Peterhof is the end of spring and summer, when the fountains are open. There are 147 of them - this is one of the largest fountain systems in the world.

Be sure to visit the Catherine Garden near Ostrovsky Square - A cozy garden was designed in the distant 1816-1834 by the architect K. Rossi. Now it is one of the most favorite holiday destinations for both St. Petersburg residents and city guests. Fairs and festivities are held annually in the garden. Gostiny Dvor: in old times this building was the central place of trade in the city. Here you could buy absolutely everything.

St. Isaac's Cathedral - the legendary symbol of St. Petersburg, was once one of the largest domed structures in the world. The long construction of the cathedral - beginning of 1818 and the end of 1916 - gave rise to the legend that the Romanovs' house would fall as soon as the final repairs were completed and the forests were removed from the cathedral. And, indeed, the prediction came true. Book House: The building, created for the office of the Singer sewing machine manufacturer, was transformed into one of the most famous bookstores in St. Petersburg after the revolution. Circus on the Fontanka: The Big St. Petersburg State Circus was open to visitors on December 26, 1877. The circus building, designed by the architect V.A. Kenel, is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.

"House-ring" - this building was built at the end of the XVIII century. His courtyard has a regular round shape. Today it is one of the oldest residential buildings in St. Petersburg. It is curious that the parents of A.S. Pushkin lived in it from 1827 to 1833. Monument to Alexander Pushkin on Pushkinskaya street - The figure of a brilliant Russian writer has been pleasing Petersburgers for more than 130 years - the opening took place on August 7, 1884. According to urban legend, they wanted to move the monument to another place, but the children playing in the garden began to wave their hands and shout: "This is our Pushkin!", After which it was decided to leave the memorial in a historical place.

The Bronze Horseman on Senate Square: The famous monument to the creator of St. Petersburg, erected even under Catherine II. If you believe the belief, while the monument to the first Russian emperor is in place, the city will be fine. Alexander Column on Palace Square - There are no monuments to Alexander I in St. Petersburg, but there is the Alexander Column. It is curious that it is believed that the sculptor Orlovsky gave the angel on the top of the pedestal the facial features of Alexander I.

Kazan Cathedral: The first building of the cathedral was built during the reign of Anna Ioannovna. The view that Kazan Cathedral has today, he acquired under Paul I. The emperor wanted the new building to resemble St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Admiralty: The famous boat once crowned the main shipbuilding center of the country. The hollow ball under the boat contains incredible historical treasures: information about all repairs to the needle and the boat, the names of the craftsmen who took part in the work, and several Petersburg newspapers of the 19th-20th centuries.

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