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How to surprise your girlfriend is an eternal question for most guys

Not just to spend a large sum on an impressive bouquet or a large purchase, but to make a surprise in order to cause delight in her eyes and a spectrum of the most pleasant emotions. To make a girl happy is much easier than it seems, even the most capricious picks can be surprised to the core. If we are talking about close relationships and beloved darling, a lot of options are formed. For a couple living in the same territory, making a surprise is even easier than for meeting young people.

Go shopping with your girlfriend. Watch her reaction to things, and as soon as she likes something strongly, pretend that they forgot the credit card at home. Or just hint that now you can not afford such a purchase. Then go for a cup of coffee and, under any pretext, leave it alone at the table for a short while. At this time, return to the same store and buy a thing you like for your girlfriend. Already at home after dinner with a casual look, ask your beloved to deliver some thing from a backpack (bag, bag). Pre-put the new thing on the very top so that it is immediately noticeable. Kisses, delights and warm words of gratitude are provided to you.

A gift for a beloved girl can also be a salon procedure paid for in advance. There are a lot of options: tattoo, tattoo, piercing, spa, cosmetology procedure, massage course - it all depends on what a friend of life has long been dreaming of. Just pay for the service, discuss with the staff all the details, and at the appointed time, bring the beloved to the address. You motivate the purpose of the trip, like a sortie to scout the prices for services and look at the salon. And there they greet the girl as the most welcome guest, and surround them with attention and care. Such a surprise will definitely leave an indelible pleasant impression in your soul.

If she likes to change the situation, suggest a ride to another city for the weekend. A car or a train doesn't matter. The main thing is that together. Time spent alone will be an invaluable contribution to your relationship. Upgrade your own feelings! And if you don't have enough time to visit other cities due to work, take a walk around the city. But not on foot, but look together at the evening lights of familiar places from the window of a limousine.

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Romantic birthday surprise ideas

Arrange a grand surprise, if there is a financial opportunity. There are many options

An unexpected romantic vacation is one of the options. Ask the beloved from the employer without her knowledge (if this is possible). Take her from work unexpectedly and persistently. Show purchased tickets and collected suitcase. Spontaneous holidays are usually the most successful and unforgettable. A simpler option is a hotel. A romantic room will welcome you with a hint of a wonderful evening and a passionate night. The girl will be in a pleasant daze from what is happening.

Balloon. A bird's-eye view of the city is so reverent and unusual. Especially if you combine a walk over the earth with a declaration of love. You can pre-hide the bouquet in a basket or prepare another gift (decoration, soft toy, etc.). Field photo session. Arrange such a surprise and she will never forget it! All beautiful girls like to pose for the camera. Self-love is not such a sin, as Orthodox postulates interpret. A memory photo will excite pleasant memories for many years. Even if it will be only a couple of hours in a local park or a rented photo studio. Professional optics in the hands of the master will turn the ongoing action into a fairy tale with the participation of your favorite model.

The familiar home environment is conducive to looseness and frankness, especially if you bring surprises to it. Home budget quest with the search for "treasures". In the morning, a friend will receive a message on a piece of paper that little pleasant surprises are hidden in the house. They can be programmed in any quantity. Various pleasant little things can serve as presentations: elements of underwear, sweets, lipstick, flower, fruit, words of compliments on a leaf, jewelry. The important thing is not what the box is fraught with, but the process of what is happening, its meaning and purpose.

Distance does not kill real feelings. If they are fed with lively emotions, kilometers will not become an obstacle to relationships. Moreover, they can even be strengthened. You just need to know how to do it better. Often, a person comes to realize how much he values his loved ones only when he is away from them, in a long separation. The best option is to somehow alleviate the longing for separation, constantly remind the beloved of yourself. Yes, this mission is assigned to the man. After all, a girl just needs to call and send gentle texts to SMS daily. And the guy can invent something that does not allow the chosen one to forget about him in the distance.

In the old days, messengers or ambassadors were sent to another city to transmit news. With the advent of telephone communications, the opportunity to communicate while in different cities was improved. And today, technical gadgets and the Internet allow you to see at a distance via video. To arrange a surprise for someone, now it is enough to make an application to a specialized company. For example, if you want to send a girl a bouquet while in another city, you need to go to social networks and find a company for the delivery of fresh flowers.

It remains to discuss with the manager the details of the order and choose a suitable bouquet from the photo. It is convenient to pay for the order with a card or electronic money. Payment is received instantly, so in the near future the bouquet will be in the vase at home with your beloved. Expect a joyful SMS from the chosen one, surprised and admired by such attention. In addition to flowers, other surprises can be arranged in bouquets: soft toys, sweets - also available, decorated in bouquets.

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