Beach tourism is the most favorite form of recreation in the world. Travel advisor

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Beach vacation is the most common type of holiday today

What do most people need for a full holiday? Present your body under the warm rays of the sun and the gentle sea breeze, and, perhaps, sometimes allow yourself to be disturbed by tireless animators who organize active outdoor games during the day, and in the evening entertainment programs and discos. Enchanting natural bays, mountains located close to the sea, forests on the coast, beautiful golden-sand or pebble beaches with crystal clear water, berths with snow-white yachts and magnificent hotels will captivate the eyes and make your vacation unforgettable. Comfortable rooms in the hotel, excellent cuisine - in short, a real beach holiday, the opportunity for a week or two, and maybe just for the weekend off from the real world.

Every tourist or traveler always faces the challenge of choosing where to go and where it is better to relax. This question can only be answered by the traveler himself, each time visiting more and more new beaches in the world. Beaches are unique business cards of the regions. It is by their livability and hygienic state that the comfort of resort life is judged.

Turkey is almost an ideal country for a beach holiday. The main advantage of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is a huge selection of great resorts different from each other. In Alanya and Belek - magnificent sandy beaches, with a gentle entrance to the sea. The coastal zone is marked by the "Blue Flag" for environmental cleanliness. These resorts are the best, prestigious and luxury hotels and clubs, equipped with the latest technology and comfort. (Rixos Premium, Cornelia de-luxe Resort, Xanadu).

Hotels provide diverse opportunities for sports and fitness. Many are equipped with internationally recognized spa centers (Gloria Verde Resort, Rixos Premium, Xanadu, Sillyum Resort). The main category of hotels - 5 stars, food is usually All Inclusive or Ultra All Inclusive. Most hotels are located on the seafront and have a vast territory. Marmaris is a tourist center on the southwest coast where the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea meet. The entire coast of the resort can be divided into the bay of Marmaris, the bay of Icmeler, as well as the park zone connecting these two areas. The strip of beaches stretches along the entire coast, but the beaches themselves are narrow. The sand is volcanic gray. The sea is calm here, since Marmaris is located in a closed bay, there are practically no waves. Hotels are mostly urban, with a small territory and 4 and 6-storey buildings, standing along the sea in several lines. But there are several club hotels with a vast territory. Hotels in the city center are mostly 3 stars - 4 stars (as a rule, the higher the level, the farther the hotel is from the center).

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Beach tourism is the most favorite form of recreation in the world

Flags are special decals displayed on the beaches so that vacationers can see them

In general, the classification system allows tourists to determine the quality of beach holidays. The flag is issued for five years, and the category is confirmed annually: experts check whether the situation on the beach has worsened. For example, in Europe, a blue flag indicates compliance of the beach with high standards. This is a sign that is annually awarded by an international commission to those ports and beaches that meet nearly thirty environmental requirements and, in particular, clean water.

In addition to the blue on the beaches of the continent, flags of other colors are also hung out. The red flag warns of danger and categorically prohibits entering the water. A yellow flag means a calm sea and safe swimming, but precautions are necessary (for example, algae blooms). A green flag indicates that swimming is safe. The blue flag is a top class beach. Everything is checked and monitored: from the presence of toilet cubicles and the lack of industrial and waste water - the impeccability of water samples according to numerous parameters to the number of lifeguards and the health of coastal coral reefs, the safety and comfort of beach guests.

The classification system of beaches was based on the international gradation of coastal areas. The system was approved in 2006. Now there are certain requirements that beaches must meet if they wish to receive one of the three quality categories. The largest number of "Blue Flags" among the countries of the northern hemisphere in Spain. Quite a lot of flawless beaches among 36 countries in Europe, South Africa, North America, the Pacific region and four countries in the Caribbean.

Spain is one of the most popular and popular beach holiday destinations in Western Europe. Tourists are attracted here by beautiful beaches, a pleasant climate, an interesting excursion program, the constant presence of last minute trips. The beaches in Spain are free and public, even luxury hotels do not have their own beaches. Costa Blanca is the record holder among the resorts of Spain in terms of the number of blue flags awarded by the EU for the purity of the water and beaches.

Most beaches are sandy, with soft white sand. The more expensive resort of Spain is the Costa del Sol ("Coast of the Sun") in Andalusia. On the coast - well-groomed beaches with yellow sand. Wide sandy strip, with good infrastructure (there are many cafes, shops, there are free souls). Tenerife is the most popular island. The southern part of the island is characterized by a warm and fertile climate, the beach season is open all year round. All municipal beaches, umbrellas and sun beds - for a fee.

The sand is coarse, gray, of volcanic origin. Spain hotels in the resorts are mostly urban and are located in small towns with many shops, bars, restaurants and discos, do not have their own beaches. On the coasts of the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, hotels of category 3 stars prevail, and five-star hotels are very few. These resort areas are more economical. On the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, the price level is slightly higher and hotels of all categories are represented. Costa del Sol and the island of Tenerife are considered the most prestigious resorts. Here the most common hotels of categories 4 stars and 5 stars.

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