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Windsurfing is a sport that for many today is the best vacation

But, in order to enjoy sailing on the waves, the resort you are planning to go to must combine several important components at once - a stable strong wind, a welcoming coast, hot sun, impressive nature, rental stations for video-surfing equipment, delicious food in restaurants and comfortable rooms in hotels that stand right by the sea. It would seem that finding a place for windsurfing that will comply with all these rules is not so easy. Nevertheless, there are many wonderful places for this type of vacation.

Planet Earth for the most part consists of oceans, not land. Thus, scenic spots for riding on the waves can be found a lot. The best of them have long attracted hundreds of thousands of athletes annually and host world-class water sports competitions. You can find perfect spots in Europe and Oceania, on the shores of Africa and the islands of Asia, among Australian canyons and off the coast of America.

The modern world has virtually no blank spots. People have explored most of the Earth's surface - and today, to have a good time on a windsurf, you don't have to spend time looking for the perfect place. On the other hand, if the spirit of a pioneer is burning in you, the search for new spots can become a matter of all life, which will eventually give humanity even more amazing islands and coasts, which in the long run can become a "Mecca" for windsurfers from around the world.

The best spots that have long been opened should definitely be visited if you have already come to the realization that your vacation cannot do without windsurfing. You can travel to them in a noisy company of friends or alone, and some of them are perfect for a family vacation. You can live in luxurious hotels with stunning views from their windows, or stay in small cap towns, enjoying solitude with nature. But, all these places have one thing in common - they are almost perfect to go to them in the company of your windsurf. Stable winds, gorgeous nature, the sun all year round and tens of thousands of azure waves that are waiting for you now.

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Top windsurfing spots

Bonaire Island is a great place to conquer the waves. In the presence of all the necessary elements, including wind, sun and clean water. We can say that before you open a real Caribbean paradise for practicing water sports. Here windsurfers, surfers, kite lovers, diving and boat trips gather. Sailing on Bonaire begins at Kralendijk Bay or Lak Bay. The southeastern coast is generally considered a traditional boardroom. In addition, even the most experienced athletes speak flatteringly about Luck, considering it an ideal place for both beginners and professionals. The infrastructure for the athletes on the island is well developed, there are several rental stations, shops and windsurfing schools. Visible championships are held here every year (from the beginning of winter to the end of summer, winds are especially strong). Yachtsmen arrive at Bonaire closer to October.

Everyone who windsurfs knows about Maui. Indeed, the best spots can be found on this island. The main feature of Maui, in addition to the natural beauties and snow-white beaches - tropical winds. They blow here year-round, raising waves of various sizes and creating ideal conditions for sailing on a board. Among windsurfers, Kanaja Beach is especially popular, where there are conditional zones for beginners and professionals using a variety of riding styles. The best time for beginners is morning. Not the strongest winds blow on Maui from morning to noon, so you can ride for fun, learn new tricks or even learn to stand on the board. In the afternoon, high waves begin to appear in the northern part of the island, and the wind, except for the temperature, becomes almost Antarctic. This is the time to go to sea for experienced athletes who have something to show.

Few people know about this place, but the Columbia River has long attracted lovers of riding on the waves. Each list of ideal spots usually ends on the ocean and sea coasts, but we could not get past this place. The Columbia River, or rather its gorge, is a very vast and diverse water area that can offer you areas for literally all types of windsurfing and all levels of athletes. On the coast you will find several good schools, everywhere there are rental stations and special hotels that are convenient to stay during your holidays. The most important thing is that the winds in the gorge blow all year round, which means that you can go there to conquer the waves at any time convenient for you.

The country of hot temperament, bullfighting and the best European football - Spain - can also offer good resorts for windsurfers. Let's start with Tarifa - the famous wind spot, where thousands of water sports enthusiasts come every year. Everyone who is engaged in kite, Windows and traditional surfing is going here. The wind does not fall throughout the year, with the exception of only a few days. Great southern resort where you can ride on the waves in plenty. In addition to the mainland, there are spots on the island of Spain. If you like to have a good time on the waves under the sail, then it is worth flying to the Canary Islands. Fuerteventura is famous for its unusual nature and the best conditions for windsurfing. True, it makes no sense to go there with the whole family - there are only arid wasteland, therefore, you can mainly find windsurfers here.

Very close to Spain is Portugal, which also has its own good places for sailing. For example, Guinchu Beach, which is considered the windiest part of the country's coast. A wide snow-white strip, the sun and a wide variety of waves - what else is needed for a good vacation? In Greece, the small island of Karpathos in the Aegean is considered the best place for windsurfing. The wind is always strong, in addition, the tourist infrastructure is well developed - there are almost more shops and equipment rental stations than on all popular spots in Egypt. It is also important that few people manage to resist the local Mediterranean cuisine. Vacation will be interesting, fun and very tasty.

Australia is the most popular place among surfers. But you can do windsurfing there. For example, go to the Lanselin spot, where since 1986 world-wide ocean windsurfing marathons have been held. Nearby, on the Margaret River, one can enjoy the almost endless high waves. Another place few people know about windsurfing is Sal Island in Cape Verde. For a year there are almost three and a half hundreds of bright sunny days and constant winds. Athletes who have already "grown up" from Egyptian and Turkish spots go here from all over the world. Namibia is not happy with a large number of spots, but if you like speed, then you definitely need to stand on the board in Luderitz, the venue of the legendary Luderitz Speed Challenge Championship. What do you get? A very windy but short track that saw more world speed records on the board than any other stretch of the world's oceans.

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