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In the south of Siberia in the summer you can swim, and in the north, it will not work

Is there summer in Siberia? On the territory of the Buryat region and the region of Lake Baikal, mainly dominates the highlands. The weather conditions in these areas are quite mild. The mountain air is clean and fresh. Many people specifically go to rest in these areas. It is in these areas built many resorts and various recreation centers.

In the world, Siberia is associated primarily with frost, snow, taiga and bears. And although you can argue about the nuances here, in general this is indeed the case. But there are places in Siberia, the climate in which differs sharply from the generally accepted one. The second half of June is considered to be the most favorable period for visiting Baikal. At this time there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the unique nature of the lake. But the warmest period on Baikal is July-August, when the water warms up and is as warm as possible. At this time, many tourists rush here, and therefore the chalets are completely full.

The Baikal island Olkhon is notable for its almost complete lack of precipitation. On average, the Olkhon year is only 48 cloudy days, which brings it closer to the driest areas of Central Asia. Such weather is, of course, a curse for farmers, but a wonderful find for tourists. Add to this not Siberian mild climate, an amazing variety of landscapes and the complete absence of blood-sucking insects - and you will understand why hundreds of thousands of people come here every year.

The Siberian summer is a wonderful time that the inhabitants of these places look forward to. Given the great length of the region, it can be said that the climatic differences in the vast expanses are evident at this time of year. But, despite this, and weather conditions, summer remains long-awaited at times. What is summer in Siberia? This is when you do not know what to expect from the weather. Either a thunderstorm, or a force of nature, which you never see anywhere else, only here - in Siberia.

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What is summer in Siberia

From summer to arctic temperatures. The Siberian summer has a sharply continental climate. Since Siberia stretches for very long distances, the climate varies depending on the regions. The territory of Siberia is subdivided into the Western, Eastern and Northern regions of Siberia. Therefore, the question of what summer is in Siberia cannot be unambiguously answered.

The main curse of the sharply continental climate prevailing in Siberia is not even frost, but the fact that there is almost never "normal" weather: either frost or heat. The third is not that it is not given at all, but is given out one to two days a year, and at the most inappropriate time. The summer months in Siberia are June, July and August. However, this summer weather is often established in the second half of May and is observed until mid-September. Short but warm, in the south of the region even hot, summer is characterized by a large number of hours of sunshine.

Belokurikha is an Altai resort, having, if not global, then certainly All-Russian fame. The prevailing climate here is usually compared with the weather in the notorious Davos - the same moderation in everything. From heat and cold, which rarely reach extreme values, to winds and downpours, which are rare here.

There are places in Siberia where the sun shines brightly 240 days a year. Of course, this is Altai. Here is the most favorable climate throughout Siberia. We are talking about the tourist and recreation area "Turquoise Katun". It is located on the left bank of the Katun, not far from the village of Manzherok. This tourist zone is established for the recovery and promotion of eco-tourism. This resort is very comfortable to be all year. Healing even the air itself, which is saturated with ions. No wonder thousands of tourists come here every year. And each of them can choose for themselves the most convenient option for accommodation and recreation. For example, for lovers of comfort, you can always find a place in the hotel. And for those who like to relax in nature, the campsite serves as a location. Beach holidays here are organized on the artificial lake Turquoise Katun.

On the territory of "Turquoise Katun" active tourism is well developed. It is a water, sport and speleological species. For those who love fishing, there is also this opportunity. Not forgotten and extreme lovers, who rush to the park of extreme entertainment. They are attracted here by rafting - the trail running along the lower reaches of the Katun and the Manzherok rapids. Adventurers, and lovers of the unknown, can visit the Tavdinsky grotto and caves, which number about thirty. The most popular among tourists is the large Tavdinskaya cave, where archaeological excavations were conducted.

Siberian summer for many is an excellent opportunity to travel to Lake Baikal. In this regard, often the question arises about the possibility of swimming in the lake. Although it is absolutely clear that Baikal is not a warm southern sea, but still, at a certain time of year and under favorable conditions, you can swim here. Among such places on the lake is the Small Sea. This part of the lake is separated by the island of Olkhon. On hot summer days, the water warms up to seventeen degrees here. Also, sandy beaches are on the island of Olkhon. Although the water here is not warmer than in other parts of the Small Sea, some daredevils float along the coast.

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