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The benefits of communicating with animals by children

Many children love animals, and some of them are brought up in a friendly family environment in which there are pets. And this is a very important area of a child's life, because communication with animals promotes the development of many qualities that a person needs for a full life - the ability to sympathize, care, and love.

You can begin to introduce the child to the animal world and allow him to communicate with them very early. Naturally, parents should demonstrate to their child how to approach the animal, how to caress it, how to play with it, and explain the inadmissibility of rough treatment of the animal. The animal world is huge, you can study it endlessly. Use any opportunity to open it to your child - a walk on the street, viewing pictures in a book, films, going to the zoo. And the more specific each animal is seen for the child (its appearance, its role in our lives), the more emotional is its connection with nature, the more human it becomes.

From ancient times, animals played a crucial role in our lives. Even at the dawn of civilization, man begins to tame them in order to use them in everyday life. Now, scientists are more and more affirmed in the idea that pets are useful for human health. Not for nothing that Hippocrates insisted on the benefits of horseback riding, and in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, dogs and cats were healers of many diseases.

Many parents are convinced that a small child and a pet are incompatible. After all, the baby may begin an allergy! In fact, an organism that comes in contact with animal hair from an early age is stronger and less prone to allergies and infections. The mental abilities of children also develop, because communication with a pet stimulates creativity and logical thinking. Psychologists recommend first to start a small animal for the child - a hamster, fish, guinea pig or birds.

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Animal therapy. Communication of children and animals

Almost all children, upon reaching a certain age, ask their parents to have a pet. His presence in the life of the child plays an important role, because the baby gets a little friend. It is necessary to take care and care for him. This develops a sense of responsibility for a small creature in children. Animals are sources of positive for children, they can make up the company in the game, they teach to be compassionate, help and love.

The benefits of communicating with animals are obvious. It is known that the intelligence of children who have grown up without communicating with pets is lower than the intelligence of children raised in families with animals at home. In addition, communication with animals facilitates adaptation in society.

Animals in the house fill him with a sense of peace, warmth and constancy. Contact with them helps make stress easier. Unfortunately, many children grow up in an atmosphere of family scandals, and some are experiencing a divorce from their parents. And if they did not have the opportunity to hug the dog, pet the cat, tinker with the hamster and forget for a while about all the problems, they could get a serious neurosis.

Specialists have long noticed and successfully used the beneficial effect on the mind, body and soul from communication with animals. Dolphins and horses, dogs and cats are some of the most famous medicinal animals. The public initiative, which made it possible to organize mutually beneficial communication between children and animals, is also interesting.

It is hard to overestimate the benefit of friendship of children with pets. For a child, an animal is often a best friend. They are able to understand each other without words. Caring for your pet, the child learns responsibility. After all, even a four-year-old baby can take care of a pet - to feed on time, to monitor the purity of water for the animal. Walking with a dog will help your child get to know peers in the yard. And the cat will perfectly calm the too excited baby.

Not only children, but also people aged will greatly benefit from communication with animals. This will push them to lead a more active lifestyle, walking more often. And a lonely elderly person will have a friend to take care of. And the state of the body can please: pets help lower cholesterol, treat cardiovascular diseases. The more often a person communicates with a pet, the better his mood and well-being. And families with animals are usually stronger and friendlier.

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