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If you have a vacation in Jamaica, then you will remember your vacation for a long time

Jamaica is located in the Caribbean, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Thus, it is here that the best places for scuba diving are located. You don't even have to carry scuba diving equipment with you across half the planet, as you rent all the high-quality accessories on the spot. Believe me, when your vacation ends, you will remember and tell everyone you know about Jamaica for a long time. And there will be plenty of reasons.

In Jamaica, you will find the large Negril beach, the ocean of the sun, foamy drinks and much, much more like reggae and rum. When the sun sets, a new life begins here - night clubs. In these places, everyone can find something to their liking. Rooms with a unique design and high-quality audio equipment or small bars with several roaring speakers - the choice is yours. Most of the local clubs are focused on tourists, and you will not find local ones in every place.

In addition to traditional Caribbean motifs, here you will hear jazz and hip-hop, house and retro, and nearby, even someone will dance salsa. In Jamaica, this is quite normal. The first thing some tourists remember when coming from Jamaica is foaming drinks. Please note that many of them contain rum in their composition, so you need to monitor the amount of alcohol consumed. Of course, you can try rum even before traveling to understand how it affects you.

However, as part of the cocktail, it will have a slightly different effect, so it is better to decide on the spot. However, there is rum, unique in itself. They should be enjoyed without mixing with anything else. This is a kind of art. If rum and drinks with its contents do not appeal to you, try ting - a rather soft drink with a grapefruit flavor. There is another local alcoholic drink, not so strong - this is ginger beer.

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Best all-inclusive caribbean family resorts

Features of vacation in Jamaica

By the way, Jamaica is one of the main exporters of ginger beer in the world, so you should definitely try the drink. Recently, production has declined slightly, but beer still remains as unique as before. If you want to relax not where many tourists rest, you need to go deep into the island, living in a family of local residents. So you can definitely soak up the local flavor, remembering your vacation for a very long time.

Going to rest on the picturesque shores of exotic Jamaica, it should be remembered that the summer months are the most undesirable time for a vacation in this country. The vast majority of numerous travelers come here at a time when winter is rampant on the European continent. The resorts of Jamaica are also not very welcoming in September and October, when ferocious hurricanes can happen here.

In the remaining months, you can relax carefree in any resort in this amazing country, where travelers will find many exciting activities: diving, surfing, golf, rafting, windsurfing, fishing, kitesurfing, beach time. For tourists, the most important indicator when choosing the right resort for your vacation is most often considered the presence of a magnificent beach. Almost all Jamaican recreation areas can be proud of their sandy coast. Most vacationers from the many resorts of the island choose the beaches of the famous Montego Bay - a major tourist center and the second after the capital city on the island.

These places are distinguished by a fairly calm sea, which does not stop fans of entertainment on the water from finding suitable conditions for their purposes. It turns out to be unexpected for many vacationers the opportunity to ride on an unusual boat, whose bottom is made of glass. Surprising tourists and the pool on one of the local beaches. It is not filled with sea or fresh water, but mineral. Active pastime offers vacationers St. Elizabeth - a small, promising resort. Here, every year, the conditions for relaxation are getting better, and there are more opportunities. On a local sandy beach, tourists play aristocratic golf, go for a drive on expensive yachts or cheaper boats, spend hours fishing or diving.

In the vicinity of Ocho Rios, tourists who want to get acquainted with the surrounding nature have a unique chance to take an informative trip on rafts. Jamaican rafting is quite different from the way this sport is practiced in other places where rafting is considered the main attraction for tourists. Travelers advance on bamboo structures along leisurely flowing rivers, admiring the surrounding landscapes. All the main resorts of the country are always welcome new guests. The decision to choose a vacation destination depends on the mood and desire of each tourist. Travelers just need to know that in any case, the resorts of this distant country will never disappoint them.

Travelers who dream of sunbathing topless or listening to bands performing melodies in the extravagant reggae style can fulfill their desires in Negril - one of the most famous resorts in Jamaica. True golf fans are trying their best to get to Ocho Rios - a small town where the famous Sandels Golf Country Club is located. In this club you can play golf and live like in a real hotel.

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