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In Europe, a wide selection of areas where you can climb to the peaks of different heights, the main thing is to clearly assess your level of preparedness and not to forget about the safety rules in the mountains

Switzerland is the highlight of mountaineering. It's impossible to get involved in rock climbing and not love the Alps. Village alpine flavor makes Switzerland one of the most favorite places in Europe for mountaineering fans. On the territory of this small country, by our standards, there are forty-eight most beautiful peaks. The height of local peaks exceeds 4000 meters. The highest of them (4634 meters) is located in Valais in the Peninsky Alps mountain system. It is named after the commander Dufour. Switzerland is a real paradise for climbers. In between climbing, you can visit the famous alpine brewery in Monstein, next to Davos. Also in Switzerland is the highest Murrenbach Falls in Europe.

There are many wonderful, unusual, attractive and beautiful places for climbing in the world. Every professional has his very favorite, where he climbed, climbs and will climb. And let each climber have their own, most beautiful! Most often in Ireland, climbing is done on rocky walls that break into the ocean. Only in summer, in good weather, the water warms up to a maximum of +17 degrees Celsius, and you are unlikely to want a swim. And yet, in fine weather (we must pay tribute - there is no snow in Ireland!) You can get real pleasure from climbing Irish rocks and from the landscape climber that opens to the eye.

The largest island of the Balearic Islands is Mallorca. Here you can not only soak up the beautiful beaches, but also practice rock climbing. And this can be done both by amateur beginners and professionals. Mallorca is called a climbing paradise. In the northern part of the island there are sports routes, the complexity of which is classified up to 9a. In total, special guidebooks describe more than 1100 rocky routes of this region. The most popular and favorite are the rocks of Sa Gubia and Fraguel. In the southern part of the island, rocks descend into the water. In special guides, there are about 300 routes in the area. The most famous and attractive Cala Serena. Mallorca takes all year.

European mountains are amazingly diverse and beautiful. Here everyone will find a corner to their liking, whether it be steep rocky cliffs, impregnable peaks, placers of alpine lakes, volcanoes, sea and ocean beaches, shady paths in pristine forests. Europe for most people means civilization, but in practice the local nature is very diverse. It is not for nothing that her highest exact became the cradle of mountaineering! Trekking routes in Europe are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. They are diverse, saturated, cross all kinds of landscapes, deep canyons, panoramic highlands, interesting monuments of ancient culture and architecture. Now this region has become more accessible than ever. Easy entry rules and a huge selection of tracks make hiking in Europe the best choice for people who want to spend their holidays beautifully, interestingly and inexpensively.

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The best activity holidays in Europe

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It is believed that in Spain there are so many climbing areas that you will not find anywhere else. The Rodellar district offers routes from 5c to 9a + difficulty categories along limestone cliffs. Climbing season from May to November. Climbing on colonnets leaves green marks on clothes, as if you were climbing not bushes but rocks. But what climber can it stop ?! As well as broken knees with worn fingers. Two hours from Barcelona, the picturesque area for climbing is Siurana (Siurana). Rock climbers became interested in this area in 1959. Athletes took alpine-style routes, and in the 80s of the last century, in connection with the active development of sports climbing, the first routes of the 7th difficulty category were laid here.

The Greek island of Kalymnos was a discovery in the world of mountaineering only 20 years ago. This place has long been familiar to scuba diving enthusiasts, but it became a mecca for climbers after an accidental visit to this island by Italian climber Andrea Di Bari. Walls and caves of limestone conquered the Italian. In 1997, Andrea di Bari, with fellow rock lovers like himself, opened about 40 climbing routes.

The Italian was so keen on the rocks of Kalymnos that he came here with a photographer who, after filming, published unusual photos in a German rock climbing magazine. Photos were a success! The two small towns of Massouri and Armeos, due to their proximity to the climbing regions, have become tourist centers. Here climbers rent rooms (studios) with beautiful sea views. There are mountaineering equipment stores.

Climbing the rocks of Kalymnos is called fabulous and there is an opportunity to be distracted by diving in the Aegean Sea. It's better to come to Kalymnos for climbing in September-October. There are up to 1000 routes from 5 to 9 categories of difficulty. There are long forty-meter tracks where you need a seventy rope. Kalymnos hosts the annual largest international festival Kalymnos Climbing Festival. Both professionals and amateur beginners can take part in these climbing competitions on natural terrain.

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and has a reputation as a merciless killer with 1,800 deaths on the account. Unlike legendary climbing sites in Alaska, the Himalayas or the Andes, local authorities do not require any permission to climb Mont Blanc. The death toll is growing every year, in recent years there have been serious discussions about whether the idea of unlimited access to Mont Blanc is a good one. So what makes Mont Blanc so popular with climbers? Firstly, the historical heritage of the international climbing community.

Mont Blanc is considered the birthplace of modern mountaineering. Secondly, the excellent infrastructure and accessibility of European cultural and historical sights. You need to remember before climbing to Mont Blanc: it is a mistake to consider the climb as a simple track, in reality it is all the same mountain climbing.

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