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Give up the idea of buying a ticket to Greece, organize an independent trip for yourself

And this beautiful country will open for you again. A good climate, a huge number of historical, cultural and natural attractions encourage travelers to return to Greece again and again. And a large number of islands, many resorts and difficult routes attract more and more tourists from year to year - this is how they usually write about Greece in advertising booklets and on promotional sites. And this is true.

The popular island of Rhodes is especially loved by couples in love. The medieval atmosphere, rich historical and cultural heritage combined with natural beauty attract travelers from all over the world to the island of Knights. Together, it's nice to wander the streets of old Rhodes, which is considered the best-preserved medieval city in Europe. Also, do not lose sight of the authentic local villages, Butterfly Valley and, of course, numerous beaches.

Hydra is the personification of "stylish" romance. The island is not so popular with our compatriots, but the proximity to Athens (2 hours by ferry from the port of Piraeus) makes it very attractive for relaxing together. The most charming place on the island is the city of Hydra with elegant stone mansions and views of the Aegean Sea. A pleasant addition to a secluded holiday will be the fact that all traffic is prohibited on the island! During a romantic walk, fussy motorists will not disturb you.

In the II millennium BC Minoan civilization existed on the island of Crete. For the first time, information about it began to be collected by Robert Pashley, and finally confirmed the existence of civilization Arthur Evans, who seriously took up the Knossos Palace. Before this landmark event, scientists were separated by years of delusions, when the Minoan civilization was not perceived as separate - it was simply called the forerunner of Mycenaean civilization.

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Almost half of the tourists who have chosen Greece for their holidays prefer to stay at all-inclusive hotels

Although traditionally Greek hotels preferred to offer guests breakfast or breakfast and dinner (the fact is that Greek hotels, in most cases, are located in places with well-developed infrastructure, where there are taverns and coffee houses, in contrast, for example, to secluded hotels in Egypt or Turkey), the latest trends are doing their job and the number of AI hotels in Greece is increasing every year. As a rule, the all-inclusive formula in Greek hotels applies to meals, to the use of sunbeds, umbrellas on the beach and the ability to use water sports without a motor.

Classic combined sightseeing tour of Central and Northern Greece. Holidays on the beach can be continued both in the Athens area and in Halkidiki. Those who love complete freedom of movement, we recommend just renting a car and arrange a fly and drive tour with an arrival in Athens and further travel on the mainland or even on the islands. For example, the most remote island - Rhodes - can be reached by car on a ferry that leaves from the port of Piraeus.

If a tourist likes to relax on the beach in the immediate vicinity of the party, he is recommended to visit the resort of Loutraki. Lovers of a mild climate and balanced ecology will like Halkidiki, discoverers of new tourist areas and those who prefer to relax away from the mass Russian tourists - I recommend Peloponnese. If Northern Greece is chosen for travel, then it's more convenient to fly not to Athens, but to Thessaloniki.

The best option is Halkidiki, you can pick up good options in the west of Crete, in the regions of Rethymno and Chania. The romantics will conquer the island of Corfu. Prices for holidays in 3-4 * hotels in Halkidiki and Crete are about the same, but still one of the greenest regions of Greece is Halkidiki. The air here is literally filled with healing pine scents. Corfu Island is an exquisite trip for those who are not going to Greece for the first time. Between the mainland and the islands it is most convenient to travel by plane. Tickets purchased in advance are quite inexpensive.

Perhaps the best option is Crete. The island's most popular discos are located in Malia, and here, by the way, the best beaches on the island are wide and sandy. Hersonissos also has many discos and wonderful taverns and restaurants. And for those who still want to be closer to the Greek capital, the resort of Loutraki is suitable, many believe that it is very similar to Turkish Marmaris.

Party-goers, especially young ones, will also like it in the town of Paralia Katerini in northern Greece - there are many bouzouks and nightly beach discos here. By the way, the most affordable accommodation prices are offered in this region. Inveterate citizens can recommend the hotels of Heraklion and Rethymnon in Crete - here certainly you will not have to go far from the evil places. However, the beaches here are also urban.

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