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Romantic places to go near me. Is cycling tourism a sport or a vacation? Both.

In Europe, the best countries for cycling will be: the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and France, Norway, Croatia, Slovakia

Choosing the Netherlands to travel, you should go to the dunes and national parks that are located in the north of the country. Most popular: De Hoge Veluwe, De Bisbos. Croatia will delight you with good bike paths, but it is better to travel around the islands. As for Slovakia, the Tatras and the Liptovsky Mikulas valleys are convenient for such a purpose.

A special route is Lake Constance, which is located in the foothills of the Alps (Austria, Switzerland, Germany). The total length of the route is 300 km. Good transport is very important, regardless of whether you will be cycling along the colorful coast of Provence or on the extreme off-road of Nepal. You have the opportunity to choose for yourself the best form of this type of tourism in order to enjoy your vacation as much as possible and get the benefit that will be guaranteed.

Fascinating cycling routes await tourists outside of Europe, across the ocean. New Zealand: The most memorable route runs through the North and South Islands, from Auckland to Timaru. However, be prepared for the fact that the weather here is changeable, and the movement is left-sided: the rear brake handle on the bicycle is located on the left. Informative cycling is the simplest form, but it is quite common. The main purpose of such a holiday is a cycling trip with sightseeing, interesting historical and natural places.

In the USA, Arizona: the Grand Canyon National Park, where you will have a unique opportunity to see with your own eyes huge rocks, unusual caves and underground ponds. Emerald landscapes, ancient abbeys, a folklore park and Irish cuisine in a real pub await you on a bike tour of amazing Ireland! Cycling has different guises. This type of vacation stands out quite favorably against other types of tourism. It is the benefit from him for a person and the whole ecology - a real find for a vacationer.

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In France, the Loire Valley Provence is best suited

However, if you want a much more extreme trip, then go to Norway. The most interesting route here is the Rallarwegen road, which originates near the Haugastel station. The uniqueness of the route is its sharp height and the same sharp descent. The highlight will be a beautiful mountain lake, snow caps of mountains, forests, waterfalls and streams. A distinctive feature of this type of recreation is that at any time you can stop and take a rest, admiring the beauty of the area, and even inaccessible small paths are easily overcome. But it is precisely such nature that always causes interest.

When people begin to actively talk about relaxing on bicycles, this implies the passage of various routes in which you can meet sights, as well as various objects of an excursion character. If you decide to relax as actively as possible, cycling is exactly what you need. Modern cycling allows every tourist to feel complete unity with the amazing nature, because you will have no boundaries. Using your bike, you can explore the area as if you were walking on it.

An outdoor enthusiast should take a bike tour of Northern Italy. This cycle route will surprise travelers who love traveling. In your free time or after the tour you can go on an independent study of Italy: the most beautiful cities of Italy. Visiting attractions. The main task is to properly prepare and choose high-quality equipment for cycling.

Cycling is also attractive because you get excellent and useful physical activity during the whole exciting journey, improve the condition of the entire immune system. Complete freedom of travel destinations. A unique opportunity to choose a route for yourself, change it at any time when you want it. Absolutely any route is subject to modern mountain bicycles, so this should definitely be used.

Cycling tourism provides an opportunity for everyone to combine business with pleasure: you eat long distances, you feel the oneness with your environment, which is simply impossible to achieve while traveling by road. Your main means of transportation is a bicycle. You could have an excellent camping outing in an equipped tent, interesting evenings by a warm bonfire, food cooked at a picnic. All these aspects must be taken into account so that the rest is pleasant and exciting.

The 180 km route in Montenegro will amaze you with its dynamism. Every day is not like the other. The landscapes are so different that they take your breath away. You can start the day in the mountains and end on the Adriatic coast. Due to its popularity, the route is quite simple. Therefore, everyone can take part, even without the experience of cycling trips. But even an experienced cyclist will appreciate the beauty of these places. The azure expanse of lakes is replaced by impregnable mountains, and the evening can be spent in a cozy cafe of a small medieval city. Go ahead. You definitely will not regret it.

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