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Karelia is original and stern, beautiful and mysterious, amazing and mystical. Start your acquaintance with Karelia from its capital Petrozavodsk, take a walk along the beautiful embankment of Lake Onega and breathe in the smell of more than 300-year-old history of this city. Visit the outstanding monument of ancient architecture of the peoples of the north - the museum-reserve on the island of Kizhi. Perhaps this is the most popular and visited place in Karelia, striking in its originality and historical value.

The uniqueness of the complex lies in the concentration of a huge number of historical monuments on the island with a length of only 7 km, is under the protection of UNESCO. The island of Valaam and the famous Valaam Monastery - in the past, the spiritual center of Orthodox Russia, carry no less ethnographic and cultural significance. Improve your health in the oldest Russian resort founded by Peter the Great in 1719. - Marcial waters. The resort is famous for its iron-mineral springs, and where else can you combine historical, educational and health? All the beauty and diversity of the nature of these places was collected by the famous Kivach Nature Reserve, on the territory of which there is a waterfall of the same name and it is completely inexcusable to come to this amazing republic and not visit it.

You must see the pride of Karelia - Onega Petroglyphs - ancient drawings of the age of 6 thousand years. For impressions, go to Mount Vottovaara - the most mystical place in this region and Mount Sampo - considered a place of power - in ancient times pagan rites and sacrifices were held here. Admire the magnificent marble canyon in the Ruskeala Mountain Park, it was here that the famous white marble was adorned, adorning the palaces of St. Petersburg and beyond. Labyrinths on the Solovetsky Islands, ancient volcanoes, unique Karelian villages, picturesque walks along Ladoga and Onega lakes - all this wealth awaits your appearance to conquer and immerse yourself in the soul forever.

The motorcycle is a little over 100 years old, but the citizens of even the richest countries were not interested in tourism in the first half of the 20th century - world and local wars, revolutions and financial crises shook the world. Yes, in the history of the motorcycle there have always been enthusiasts who went on extreme trips, arranged long runs, set records, but there were very few of them. Only by the 1970s did the standard of living in Europe and the United States allow a large number of their citizens to spend money on entertainment, such as tourism, including motorcycle. Plus, the tourist infrastructure was actively developing: roads, hotels and roadside motels, gas stations and restaurants were being built, national parks and museums were opening. In the early 80s, the first motorcycle rental and travel companies appeared in Europe, of which at least several hundred in the world today.

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Solo travel - great holidays for singles

Motorcycle trips around Russia are becoming more and more popular every year

Tver region: Lake Seliger. Seliger is not one lake, but rather a chain of reservoirs stretching from north to south for 100 km. Crystal clear water, fresh air, majestic coniferous forests - in a word, this is a calm, measured rest alone with nature. Seliger is an almost universal resort: it is equally good for adults and children, and at any time of the year. In summer, the water in the lakes warms up to +25 degrees Celsius, on the beaches of children all kinds of water activities await, in boarding houses - game complexes, in pine forests - berries and mushrooms.

In winter, people come here for skiing and walking through the snowy forests. Seliger is not only recreation and entertainment: thanks to clean air saturated with volatile products, immunity can be strengthened here, and chronic diseases of the respiratory tract and nervous system are treated in local sanatoriums.

Curonian Spit: ornithological station and healing air. The best beaches in Russia are rightfully considered the sands of the Curonian Spit - a peninsula in the Kaliningrad Region that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. A strip of golden quartz sand reaches several kilometers in length and stretches to Lithuanian Klaipeda. Within one day you can swim in the freshwater Curonian lagoon and the salty Baltic Sea. The first option is more suitable for families with children: the water in a shallow bay warms up quickly, and there are almost no waves in it.

Despite the popularity of the resort, the beaches are not crowded with vacationers, on some of them even in the high season it is deserted, so the territory remains clean and the water is clear. Last year, the beach in the town of Yantarny even received an international award for high standards - the "Blue Flag". Since the unpredictable Baltic climate does not allow betting only on beach vacations, entertainment was also taken care of here. The interactive museum "Ancient Sambia" carries over during the Vikings, you can learn about fabulous creatures and ancient beliefs in the Museum of Russian Superstitions. Six tourist routes pass through the most interesting places of the Curonian Spit National Park - sand dunes and a dancing forest. The ornithological station working here deserves a separate word, to which everyone is allowed to "see the birds" - though in an organized manner, gathering a group at the entrance.

Baikal - how much in this word! One of the most picturesque and mysterious lakes on our planet. Baikal is already more than 20 million years old; it stretches for more than 600 km in length, and the length of the coastline is more than 2000 km. The deepest in the world and the most precious - 19% of the world's fresh water reserves. You can talk about Lake Baikal for hours without stopping - about its clear water, rich wildlife (more than 1,500 species, some of which are found only here), its shores and rocks, endless sandy beaches, about strength and energy, about protected areas that are still untouched by man, but words cannot convey even a fraction of the emotions that you can experience on the shores of this fabulous lake. The nature of Lake Baikal is beautiful in every corner of it, wherever you go you will not be disappointed, and you will fall in love with this land.

Take a trip to the largest island of Baikal - Olkhon and admire the legendary Shaman Rock, taste the delicious hot and cold smoked omul in the village of Listvyanka and get acquainted with the inner world of the lake in the Museum of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, take a ride on the Circum-Baikal Railway, make a wish in one of the places if you have time, visit the unusual puppet museum in the village of Taltsy and Buddhist datsans, try your luck fishing in the Chivyrkuy Bay or watch the seals on the Ushkany island archipelago. Baikal's area is huge and its beauty cannot be covered in one visit, you can't go anywhere at all - stop in one place, set up a tent or rent a house and just enjoy the cleanest air and beauty around, gnaw pine nuts, sing songs by the fire, bask in the sun and swim in the invigorating waters of the lake, and at night look at the stars and dream and, believe me, this will be the best vacation in your life.

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