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Outdoor recreation reduces stress, has a beneficial effect on the mind and body

Exercise helps endorphin production. Physical activity, which, as a rule, accompanies outdoor recreation (hiking, cycling, swimming and others), provoke the production of endorphin - one of the hormones of joy. With an increase in its quantity in the body, a person gains feelings of calm, clarity and satisfaction. Only in the natural environment does the nervous system calm down from clean air, pleasant sounds, smells.

Vitamin D is essential for your body. Camping suggests that you finally come out of the shadow of the office or your home and enjoy the bright rays of the sun. Moreover, under their influence, vitamin D is produced in your body, which promotes a good mood, strengthens bones and teeth, reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Vitamin D also improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure by literally relaxing blood vessels.

Many people spend a lot of money looking at the blue lakes, magnificent mountains, green valleys, but all this is in every corner of the planet, you just need not to look for beauty abroad, but to find beautiful places in your native neighborhood. And the best way to learn and see the wonderful places of your country is to dressage in nature.

After a long winter, when the first really warm sun peeps out from behind the clouds, each of us is drawn to bask under his rays. This is especially true for urban residents, because the skyscrapers of the stone jungle let so little sunlight pass through to people who yearn for heat. What does nature give people? It allows you to change the situation, calm your nerves, streamline your thoughts, go in for sports in the fresh air and much more, inaccessible to residents in stuffy cities.

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Romantic weekend getaway ideas

When summer comes

In the coming months, your chances of leaving the city will be as high as the thermometer column outside the window. Camping allows you to escape from the trap of urban problems, escape from the usual surroundings and enjoy the calming landscape. But its benefit lies not only in a change of scenery. During outdoor recreation, the body relaxes, because it falls into its natural environment. Everything around: the energy of plants, air, water contribute to the restoration of strength. The tension accumulated by the high rhythm of life in an urban environment where people are constantly experiencing stress, noise, vanity is relieved. In an urban environment, this tension cannot be removed.

Being outdoors helps to get rid of stress. Strong employment, especially when interacting with electronic devices, is the main cause of stress. A University of California study found that people who had regular access to e-mail or received a regular stream of messages on their phone showed more frequent heart beats during the day, unlike those who were cut off from electronic communications. Therefore, outdoor recreation will allow you to completely relax. Provided, of course, that you will not look for Wi-Fi between the boletus.

Do you have a sedentary job? Not enough motor activity? A change of activity is the best rest for an overworked organism. Periodically go to the countryside. Fresh air, free space, the lack of crowds, houses, cars and gas pollution are excellent conditions for a variety of physical, spiritual and mental practices. Sometimes it's enough just to sit near a murmuring brook to restore your strength.

A relaxing break helps rethink important things. The human brain requires 20% of all the energy produced by the body, and this requirement increases by 5-10% when you are focused on a mental problem. At the same time, when your body is resting, the brain does not stop working, but does it in a different way. In the serene environment of nature, important mental processes take place that stimulate the mechanisms of self-identification, help analyze your own behavior and your code of ethics.

Staying in nature is useful because it brings our biorhythms into resonance with the rhythms of nature, thereby healing, returning to the original state of rest, the body. The singing of birds, the rustle of leaves, tree branches, the murmur of a stream - perhaps all this wakes up the ancient animal beginning in us, we return to ourselves, and the alluvial leaves - stress releases us. We understand that everything will pass, only nature is wise, it becomes easier. And what does all our far-fetched unrest mean compared to the eternity of a running river? With that, how much stood before us and how much more will the idle-see this forest? Disturbances recede into the background, taking their place. And we are getting healthier. And also wise. This is taught by nature.

Fresh air positively affects your mood. The amount of oxygen entering your brain regulates the production of serotonin - a substance that affects mood, appetite, memory, social behavior and other processes. Excess serotonin can lead to irritability and intense stress, and its lack can lead to psychological depression. Fresh air helps to develop the necessary level of serotonin and contributes to a good mood.

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