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Kotor Bay, Montenegro. The Bay of Kotor in the Adriatic Sea has the most characteristic landscape for the Montenegrin coast. The bay extends for 293 kilometers, 52 kilometers of which are occupied by beaches. A little further, near Budva, is another great sandy beach. The majestic mountains descend picturesquely to the sea line of the coast, and numerous cities are scattered over the sheltered gardens and groves of the coasts, where you can see magnificent monuments from the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The Boka Kotorska bay in Montenegro is very beautiful, many travelers note its amazing similarity with the landscapes of Norway, therefore it is often called the "southernmost fjord in Europe." Kotor is the main city on the shore of the bay, in which there are a lot of very beautiful buildings built back in the days of the Venetian Republic. The old city is surrounded by thick walls with a total length of 4.5 kilometers and is a real web of streets in which it is simply impossible not to get lost. Behind the northern gate is the entrance to the fortress of St. John, from which a breathtaking view of the narrow language of Boka Kotorska opens from one side, and from the other - to ascetic mountain landscapes. One of the roads leading from the fortress, just stretches to these mountains.

Olympic Riviera, Greece. 70 kilometers is just such a length of the magnificent Greek beaches of the Aegean coast at the foot of the legendary Mount Olympus. What is there? There are resorts ideal for lovers of noisy parties (Paralia Katerini and Leptokaria), secluded beaches that will be comfortable for lovers of a relaxing holiday (Panteleimonas, Nei Pori, Kokkino Nero). If you are a lover of outdoor activities and mountain hikes, we recommend that you make a small (or full) ascent to the top of Olympus. The most popular tourist route to the top of Olympus begins in Litochoro.

Professional climbing skills are not required, but the route will be long and require good endurance and minimal equipment (at least you will need good reliable boots). Less experienced in conquering the mountain peaks, tourists can go for a walk along the Enipea Gorge or to the ruins of the Dionysius Monastery. In general, for fans of an active recreation format, there is a lot of interesting things here - not only climbing, but also climbing, canyoning, rafting or parachuting. And, of course, different types of water sports: swimming, snorkeling, water skiing, pedal boats, canoes.

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Makarska riviera Croatia. Dazzling white peaks rise above the emerald water of the Adriatic, the beaches in the Croatian resort of Makarska Riviera are picturesque, albeit mostly rocky, the water is crystal clear and the tourist base is very good. Makarska Riviera is located in Dalmatia, between Dubrovnik and Split. The only inconvenience is the need to consider the presence of sea urchins in the water, but special slippers will help you.

Mount Biokovo rises above a small (only about 12 thousand inhabitants) city, the highest peak is Jura (1762 meters above sea level). The path to the highest mountain is clearly visible, but only experienced tourists should climb it. You can also take mountain tours offered by local guides, providing a combined way of climbing (cars + on foot). By the way, with some luck on the mountain trails you can meet chamois and mouflon. Well, and the more familiar resort entertainment of the most party place in Dalmati - night clubs and discos on the coast.

Bergen, Norway. We say fjords, but we mean Norway. The coast of Norway, eaten by the sea surf, attracts crowds of tourists from year to year, who are absolutely not confused by the rather high prices for a vacation here or the cool weather. Bergen, located at the foot of the mountains, at the junction of the North and Norwegian Seas, is proudly called the gateway to the fjords. If you decide to go on vacation to Bergen, be sure to start exploring this city from breathtaking high-altitude panoramas. From the cable car connecting Bergen with the top of Mount Floyne, a very beautiful view opens.

From Bergen you can sail to Flam by sea. The boat's route, by the way, passes through the Sogne Fjord, the longest Norwegian fjord, with a depth of 1208 meters and a length of about 203 kilometers. The views from the ship are extremely beautiful: rocks, waterfalls, steep mountains. As a popular saying goes in Norway, "there is no bad weather - only bad clothes." Therefore, going to Norway, be sure to bring waterproof shoes and clothes with you, because even in summer the rain can be quite strong, and in case of cold days, stock up on a warm sweater or fleece sweatshirt.

Liguria, Italy. In the north-west of Italy, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is the province of Liguria. There are many charming cities and villages, but the real attraction of Liguria are the five unique cities of the Cinque Terre: Manarola, Monterosso al Mare, Corniglia, Vernazza and Riomaggiore. All of them are very colorful and picturesquely located on a rocky seashore. Cinque Terre - five mountain villages scattered in steep, but very picturesque coastal cliffs on the Ligurian coast. Sheer cliffs descend into the sea, steep streets lead through villages, small houses, as if glued to each other, sheltered above the cliffs, and expensively connecting the villages, as if carved into steep cliffs. Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore were isolated from the rest of Italy for many centuries, and they could only be reached by sea.

Today, the most convenient way to travel to Liguria is by train. The railway line, laid in 1874, is very picturesque, of course, except for those sections where it runs inside mountain tunnels. These places are popular among fans of cycling, bike races and competitions are held here. The villages are connected by hiking trails leading through olive groves and pine forests. The paths offer a very beautiful view of the sea. You can overcome this road in 5 hours, if you do not make long stops and have the necessary stamina. But to be honest, it's simply impossible - the beautiful rocky beaches in secluded bays are tempted by the warm sea waves, and all sorts of goodies, pizza, pasta and farinata come out with delicious aromas in the pubs. The area around Cinque Terre is also known for its excellent hand-made olive oil.

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