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Most popular Caribbean cruises

Summer has come. That is, you may already have autumn, or even winter, but we are talking to you about Caribbean cruises? And it's always summer there! More than 300 days a year the sun shines, the air temperature does not fall below 20 degrees Celsius, and the average water temperature in January is +24 degrees Celsius. All year round, a great armada of snow-white cruise liners-resorts ply the waters of the gentle Caribbean Sea from one Caribbean island to another, bringing millions of tourists to them in search of treasure.

After all, the Caribbean islands are not only lost corners of wildlife and the underwater world, but also one large duty-free area. On Eastern Caribbean cruises, you will find the best beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters, such as Megan Bay on St. Thomas (one of the ten best beaches in the world), or the beaches of a tiny island, the top of the underwater mountain, Grand Turk With a population of only 5,500 people, part of the small proud state of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Obligatory and necessary part of the journey is of course the secluded beaches of Princess Cays Island, the exclusive private island of Princess Cruises in the Bahamas, where you can swim, sunbathe, snorkel (snorkeling, snorkeling and flipping), travel by "bananas" and other water entertainment. The island of St. Martin is the most unique airport in the world. Its runway starts right from the popular Maho beach, so the planes land directly above the heads of tourists. Many come here just for the sake of this extreme attraction - to stand under a huge Boeing.

On Western Caribbean cruises, you will find untouched wilderness areas and unique beaches. Here you can get acquainted with the ancient history of the Mayan nations, the ruins of the iconic city of Tulum, the sea gate of the Mayan civilization on the Cozumel peninsula, the famous pyramids of Chichen Itza, as well as archaeological monuments deep in the jungles of Belize and Costa Maya in Mexico. Lovers of diving and snorkeling will be interested to visit the Belize Coral Reef, which stretches near the Yucatan Peninsula along the Mexican coast (included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996), the longest in the Atlantic Ocean and the second largest after the Australian Great Barrier Reef. What about Jamaican rum, antique coins and jewelry from Grand Cayman.

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What is the best cruise line for couples

What are Caribbean Island Cruises

In the Southern Caribbean, the remnants of colonial culture with deep European influence are closely intertwined with the fruits of the modern civilization of the American continent. And yet they are all different: the Lesser Antilles of the Netherlands of Aruba and Bonaire, French Dominica and Grenada, the former territory of Great Britain. White beaches and deserted coastal landscapes of Aruba alternate with multi-colored houses of the colonial capital Oranjestad (Orange City).

The Dutch island Bonaire (Bon Aire - in French means good air) - a great place for snorkeling and scuba diving. The visiting card of the island is flocks of graceful Pink Flamingos, the most ancient birds on our planet, which have chosen the local shoal of the sea and the shores of lifeless salt lakes. Visit also Morne-Trois-Pitons National Park on the volcanic wildlife island of Dominic, with emerald waterfalls and rainforests.

Caribbean and Panama Canal. Panama, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Colombia, Grand Cayman and Aruba. For those who do not just want to bask in the sun and plunge into the carefree life of the Caribbean islands, we offer to see the modern engineering miracle of the 20th century, the Panama Canal, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Officially, the Panama Canal opened in 1920, but the first airliner was able to pass through it already in 1914.

Thus, the Panama Canal is already 100 years old. The length of the great sea route is 81 km 600 m with a minimum width of locks = 33.5 meters. So the term "Panamax" for cruise liners and other ships appeared, which means the maximum size of a liner that can pass through the Panama Canal. As a rule, the length of such liners does not exceed 294 meters. Cruises to the Caribbean and the Panama Canal from the company Princess Cruises are performed by the ships Coral Princess, Island Princess and Caribbean Princess.

Caribbean from New York. Miami, Aruba, Antigua, St. Thomas, St. Lucia and Tortola. Rarely, very rarely are cruises in the Caribbean islands from New York. From the rainy autumn of New York, in three days of the sea crossing, you will arrive in Florida and on the sunny beaches of the Caribbean islands.

Cruises in the Caribbean pass through the western, southern and eastern insular part of the region, including Jamaica, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Cuba and Costa Maya. The pirates' birthplace offers high-quality rum and liqueur to vacationers. Travelers choose to visit one region or to sail fully from all the islands.

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