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Which countries provide the best conditions for owning investment property

With the low cost of living in the Philippines and impressive returns, the country is a very, very attractive option even for investors with no experience. It has a very friendly tax system and a good rental rate. The investment potential is enhanced by the economic and tourist attractiveness of the region. Indonesia has one of the highest rental yields, but at the same time high income tax. Nevertheless, the rent is relatively high, and this country is among the top best options for real estate investments.

In the UAE, there are extremely many opportunities for any real estate business. This is due not only to the low tax rate and high rent, but also a good rate of return. And, of course, in the Emirates, a very good purchasing power. Barbados is on the list of countries with the best rental rates, and also offers investors a pleasant taxation environment. This compensates for a modest rate of return, and gives the region a good potential. The main thing is not to forget to get permission to buy investment real estate from the Central Bank of the country.

Despite the fact that Costa Rica has relatively low rental prices, it has a fairly high rate of return. The tax rate is also very low - and is one of the best among other countries attractive for real estate investments. High rents and good returns make Ireland a good choice for real estate investment, even if you don't have much experience in this area. There is also a fairly loyal tax system. However, do not forget about caution due to rising property prices.

Panama combines a decent rental price, a decent percentage of profitability, and a very favorable income tax rate. Therefore, it is among the best options for investment real estate. Here the property rights of foreigners are well protected and there is an incentive program for them. In France, one of the highest rents. In addition, the effective tax rate is lower here than in European countries such as Ireland and Spain.

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Cheapest places to live in the world on the beach

Best countries to invest in real estate

Despite not the highest rate of return, Thailand remains one of the best countries if you are looking for real estate investment opportunities. Average rates are not very high, but in the most profitable places like the center of Bangkok, it can reach 8%. We add to this a very low tax rate and a good rental price, and we get a good option with a developed tourist infrastructure.

The top ten countries with the most favorable conditions for the acquisition traditionally includes Cyprus. Germany is just a tax haven for an investor. In addition, there is a relatively high purchasing power and low cost of living. This is the reason for the country's popularity among immigrants and real estate investors. Despite the rather modest rate of return and high tax, South Africa has a large enough rent to become a good option for investing in real estate. Due to the low cost of living, it is much better suited for those who want to relocate for retirement.

Croatia is one of the countries with the most pleasant taxation rules in the world and the rental income figures are quite impressive. This republic can be safely attributed to the category of strong middle peasants suitable for "fresh" and experienced investors. The investment potential of the Bulgarian real estate increases the developed tourist infrastructure. One of the most enjoyable to invest in real estate states is Argentina. It is distinguished by one of the most friendly tax systems for this type of activity.

Hungary has a developed real estate industry and an attractive indicator of profitability, therefore, both beginners and experienced investors should pay attention to its potential. In addition, Hungary is among the top ten European countries with the most loyal tax policies. According to the laws of the Kingdom of Morocco, foreigners are forbidden to buy land for agricultural activities, but it is possible to purchase investment property. Here and the yield is quite good, and the effective tax rate is low, but the average rental cost is one of the lowest among the countries of our rating. In general, Morocco is a promising option for those who wait.

Despite the fact that Greece is not in the highest place in terms of rental yields, it offers an effective tax rate lower than many other countries, so it can definitely be considered as an option for increasing your investment. Canada is among the top five countries with the lowest rental yields and is in second place in terms of income tax, but here you can find really cheap real estate that does not require much improvement work.

At first glance, potential investors in Spain should be repelled by a high tax rate and relatively low rental income. However, Spain is a good option for ownership, given the high purchasing power and openness of the country to immigrants. And in this kingdom one of the highest rates of rent. Malta has high rental prices, and profitability is better than in many other countries. But taxes are very high, and real estate prices in the region are constantly growing, so without extensive experience in this area it is better to choose more convenient and reliable options.

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