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Where is it better to go in winter than to a place of first-class relaxation

Our planet is rich in wonderful places for winter holidays. Ski resorts are constantly developing and improving. There are many safe, high-quality, interesting and diverse complexes for a good rest. What to choose? Depending on the budget, experience and purpose, each base offers its own advantages. Winter outdoor activities are constantly on the move and, perhaps, very soon there will be new resorts, which will not be equal.

The choice of a winter mountain resort depends on what goals you pursue and what you expect from a vacation. If your goal is not to get off your skis, then you should go where the infrastructure for this sport is best developed. The longest routes of European mountain resorts are French routes, the length of some of them is many times greater than many others, so if you like long trips, you should choose France. The steepest mountains are in Switzerland, so if you are a professional, choose Swiss slopes with black slopes. The higher the mountains, the more guarantees that they will snow, despite the current problems of global warming.

If skiing is not the main goal of your winter holiday, you can go to almost any mountain resort, because they are all located in beautiful places and in addition to skiing offer many other attractions, including ancient cities, museums, entertainment for children, shops, hotels and restaurants for every taste. If you have already visited European resorts, then you can go overseas and appreciate the roller coaster. According to some estimates, in the United States more than 300 resorts.

Girdwood, Alaska. The USA is the most beautiful resort in the north. If you want to be in a real fairy tale, you should go to Alaska, for example, to the resort town of Girdwood. This town, isolated from the big world, sheltered one of the best resorts in the north. Girdwood has the highest mountain in the state, on which there are beautiful ski slopes - Mount Alaska.

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Insanely affordable winter destinations

Looking for a good place to spend your winter vacation or New Year's Eve

Bozeman, Montana, USA - the ski resort of your dreams. Bozeman is a city located in the beautiful mountains of Montana, and several wonderful ski resorts are sheltered near it. Near the city there are two fantastic mountains where you can ski and just wander along the forest paths. If you are not interested in luxury hotels with exquisite service, but you love the wildlife, snow and comfort of a small mountain town, you should definitely visit Bozeman.

Crested Butte, Colorado, USA - the best winter holiday in the mountains. Crested Butte is a former mining town that has been turned into a ski resort. The resort opened in 1960. It is famous for its very extreme and steep descents, so the mountains of this area are considered the birthplace of such a skiing style as Newskul skiing (freestyle).

North Conway, New Hampshire, USA - Alpine skiing for beginners. North Conway is a small piece of American history, a place where you can see a lot of interesting things. The first professional tracks appeared here in the 1920s and 30s. Most (46 percent) are medium-difficulty trails and about 30 percent are difficult trails.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA - a first-class winter mountain break for ski enthusiasts. Those who had the opportunity to visit this fantastic resort leave a lot of good reviews. There are some of the best ski slopes in the world, many cozy hotels and a million opportunities to have a great time. Professional skiers will be happy to help you learn how to ride and give practical advice to those who often come to winter resorts. 50 percent of the tracks are designed for professionals.

Aspen, Colorado, USA - arguably the most expensive resort in the world. Aspen is considered one of the most expensive resorts in the United States, and throughout the world, therefore Hollywood celebrities "accompanied by" paparazzi like to gather here. Despite the very high prices, thousands of guests come here annually for impressions. The Aspen Mountains are quite steep and rocky, so mostly professionals ride here.

Niseko, Japan - an exotic resort for the New Year. Niseko is an ideal place where you can ride on the smallest snow in the world, moreover, almost all year round. The city is relatively small, about 5 thousand people live in it. The main attraction in these places is skiing, but you can also enjoy beautiful views and get acquainted with exotic oriental culture.

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