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The picturesque valley near the Hohe Salve mountain range includes nine resorts; among them is the cozy village of Soll with mountain huts and friendly hosts, visiting whom it is easy to feel at home. In general, the resort is ideal for relaxing skiing and family vacations - there are a lot of simple but long slopes, there are adult schools and a children's ski club. For active youth, a fan park and a half-pipe were built, as well as brightly lit night trails. The total length of well-groomed ski slopes is 250 km, on sunny days, of which there are many, 160 km of slopes are served by snow cannons. The best season for skiing lasts from January to early March.

The Italian Dolomites is a super resort that combines the ski areas of twelve famous ski resorts in Italy. Including here there is also a sightseeing carousel of slopes, along which you can move in a circle in both directions. 500 km of pistes with a well-thought-out system of lifts was called the "round the world" by Sella Ronda, counterclockwise routes are easier, clockwise - more abrupt and interesting slopes, in both cases you can go the whole circle in a day and return home tired but overwhelmed with impressions. The total length of all the routes on which the "Dolomiti Superski" ski pass operates exceeds 1200 km. Ski season is from November to April.

The Himalayas are the highest mountains on earth, but there are few ski resorts here, the largest is in the Indian state of Kashmir. The main advantage of the slopes here is the untouched expanses for skiing on the puff, extensive snow fields, a large elevation drop and forest zones devoid of undergrowth. Since the local population is not particularly fond of skiing, the slopes are very free, and the snow that has fallen remains untouched for a long time. The cable car lifts holidaymakers in enclosed six-seater cabins, and tow ropes lead to trails for beginners. The total length of the cable car is 5 km. The ski season lasts from mid-December to March.

Toshal, Iran's closest ski resort to Tehran, residents of the capital affectionately christened it "home". Alpine snow here is very shallow and dry, for which lovers of freeride are especially appreciated. The longest gondola lift in the world is stretched to the top of the slopes - a trip of 8 km gives an excellent chance to admire the landscape, which gradually flows from the sandy desert to the endless snow fields. Steep walls with tracks of different difficulty levels descend from 3850 m to 1600 m. The total length of the routes is 17 km. The longest skiing season in Iran is from mid-November to late April.

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Best winter vacation spots in the world

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Salzburg is good at any time of the year, so the dates of the trip are important only for those who want to combine excursions with skiing. The season at numerous ski resorts lasts from December to April. Pleasure is not cheap, but in addition to outdoor activities, any of the local resorts provides stunning views, the highest service, comfortable accommodation, swimming pools, SPA and excellent food.

Ski enthusiasts and fans alike are looking for the best routes for their dream trip. Modern ski resorts offer a huge selection of additional entertainment and ski schools. Rest is generally universal: it is suitable for both beginner athletes and experts in their field. Family, active, expensive, nightly - dozens of epithets can be matched to these chic ski resorts.

Val Thorens, France - this resort is recognized as the best in 2016. Complicated for beginners, it is mostly preferred by winter sports fans. It is located on the highest mountains of Europe and is the youngest of the other resorts of France surrounding it. Off-piste skiing is possible, but for this it is better to use the services of a guide. There are children's ski schools, a water park, various sports, even a paragliding club.

Special jumps and ditches for snowboarders. For children - entertainment centers, and young people will appreciate the active nightlife. You can ride from late October to mid-May. The length of the slopes is 140 km, half of which belongs to the "red" slopes. All 3-4 star hotels are located nearby, almost all can be reached on skis. Prices are higher than in other resorts in France. Getting from airports is long enough, and during traffic jams, the road will take 4-6 hours. It is better not to take small children, as it is rather difficult for them to acclimatize.

Lovers of aristocratic style are advised to visit Zermatt. The base was created for true connoisseurs of winter sports, professionals will be delighted. At the same time, the complex seems to have been created for children: here they can be taken care of 24 hours a day and discounts are available everywhere, while adults will have plenty of time to visit all the sights and appreciate the picturesque scenery on the beautiful Matterhorn Mountain.

There are 4 types of ski-pass in the territory. A huge advantage of this resort is its year-round work with constant snow. There are different types of lifts, all of them are modern and safe. Zermatt is quite expensive, like everything in Switzerland, but it is more comfortable and quiet than its "neighbors". Car traffic is prohibited here, and the resort itself is located equally distant from all airports in the country.

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