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The best beach holiday for two is a trip to the sea and the sun, full of romance, fun and happiness, in a word, all that is characteristic of tourism for lovers

Countries suitable for trips to the sea have long provided the comfort necessary for serenity and paradise relaxation, the highest in terms of level. Le Meridien Resort (Bora Bora) is very reverently guarding its honorary title of Eco-Lodge, designed exclusively for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and know how to protect it.

At this resort you can swim in the company of sea turtles (there is your own lagunarium and sea park of sea turtles), rare tropical fish, live in environmentally friendly bungalows made from natural Polynesian materials donated by nature, and you can also see the beauty of the Pacific Ocean right under your feet (in the floors of each bungalow are made of special transparent glass, so that you feel closer to unity with the outside world).

Inter Continental Thalasso Spa - this resort should be chosen first of all to "inveterate" citizens who know a lot about chic, glamor and amenities. And all because the bungalows of the resort are decorated in the style of luxury hotels designed by Philippe Starck and Ian Schrager. Confirmation of this is upholstered furniture in the form of marshmallow balls and original chairs resembling tulips. In addition to such a glamorous luxury - magnificent thalassotherapy with sea water, which undergoes special cleaning and filtering.

St. Regis Bora Bora is considered the best of all exclusive club-type resorts on Bora Bora. Here you will find an exclusive exotic vacation, which involves flying in a private helicopter over the expanse of the Pacific Ocean, cruises on a private yacht, and even having your own butler. You can live in a huge comfortable Royal Estate villa with an area of more than 1200 square meters or in ultra-modern bungalows, choose! In the meantime, the sun will give a tan (or a game of tennis - tickle your nerves), you can order something special for dinner to the chef of a local restaurant.

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Best places to travel alone

In search of a paradise on the seashore

Vietnam. The turquoise coolness of the sea, pleasantly warm sand and bright bright sun await those who will also choose a country for a beach holiday, focusing on a chic seafood menu in the traditional diet of its residents and, as a result, tourists. Protein food increases the level of romance in travel for lovers, however, Vietnam is also suitable for a better beach holiday because it has inexpensive but high-quality massage parlors in its service. An abundance of jewelry shops will delight beautiful ladies, and their gentlemen will be surprised at the low cost of accessories offered by outlets for sale. What a romance without surprises in the form of everyday presents made of such a precious metal as silver. If you are going to Vietnam for the first time, then be sure to visit Phan Thiet or choose a hotel there, and do not miss the offer of excursions to Dalat - the city of flowers and love.

India. Talking about this country in a nutshell is not so simple. But if you note the main thing, then the best unusual beach holiday for two, one that in reality is not particularly common among lovers traveling around the world, will be in India. Here you can combine relaxation, from beach to mountain, from idle to sightseeing. Because to limit oneself only to a beach holiday in a country called India would be blasphemy towards the state itself with such a rich history of its existence, the traces of which have not yet been erased from the face of its cities and villages. And, of course, we recommend that you visit Goa in India, the pearl of a beach holiday for two in the Indian Ocean.

Cambodia. This kingdom is suitable for the best and exotic beach holidays for lovers who consider their couple admirers of ancient history. The country presents beach vacations as the tip of the iceberg, under which the secrets of the Khemers, Asian culture and other mind-opening discoveries are concentrated for those who travel together in search of the beautiful or the incomprehensible. Warm Asian countries are especially popular among residents of Siberia. It is enough to visit a visa agency in Novosibirsk, and you can be sure that the beautiful and mysterious Asia will soon open the veil of its innermost secrets to you.

Dominican Republic. And this state, located on the island of Haiti, we recommend as truly intended for a paradise beach holiday. Of course, tourists in the Dominican Republic are offered chic excursion thematic routes, but believe that a trip to the sea for the best beach holiday for two can be wonderful even when there is nothing else besides the promised perfect holiday on the beach. Nothing and nobody but you and your loved one! And this is exactly why you went on a journey together.

Singapore. The best beach vacation for two lovers with a gourmet addiction can take place only in that country, the traditional dishes of which absorbed all the most delicious from Thai, Japanese, Indian, Malay, Chinese and even Mexican cuisine. Therefore, if the romance of your meetings with your soulmate consists in visiting different restaurants in your hometown, in warm conversations by candlelight and in the process of enjoying food, a beach holiday in Singapore is an ideal place to combine habits and vacation at sea with your loved one.

Cuba. Beach vacation Cuba offers a chic, cultural program on the seashore is also diverse. Excursion routes will also please you, but we advise you to stroll along the streets of Havana in the evenings without intermediaries and guides, because this is how the romance of this state will penetrate your hearts in love. We do not recommend abusing alcoholic cocktails during a beach holiday in this country, because in most of them the insidious Cuban rum is added as a traditional component. Remember that the colors, aromas, culture and contrast of Cuba will intoxicate even without doping, however, as a souvenir, grabbing a bottle of dark tart and burning rum is simply necessary. Its drops will warm your soul for a long time, recalling how sweet the rest was together on the Caribbean Sea.

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