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Spots that prove Hawaii is a snorkeler's heaven. Travel tours for snorkeling.

Hanauma Bay, Hawaii. The marine environment is carefully guarded, so that you can see truly unique creatures

Are you sick of the cold? It cost the sun a couple of days to smile to us, and we are already dreaming about summer. Well, why not really think about where and how you want to spend your vacation. Just let's do it without idle lying by the pool or, even worse, at a dacha 50 km from the city. Think wider! Why not plan an active holiday full of impressions? For example, snorkeling in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

There are many beautiful places for snorkeling in the world. Great Barrier Reef, Australia. It is so big that it can be seen from space. There is something to do, and what to see. Xcaret, Mexico, where the river flows directly through the ancient Mayan village. Yucatan, Mexico. If you love flamingos, this is the place for you. Yucatan attracts many of these beautiful birds looking for a place to nest.

Cafu, Maldives. Velassar is a private islet around which you can swim peacefully and calmly with a mask and snorkel. Kia Ora in Rangiroa, Tahiti. The best snorkeling spot in the area is just minutes from luxury water bungalows. Rockhouse, Negril, Jamaica. This private resort is like your personal huge aquarium populated by marine species that usually inhabit only reefs.

Prince Edward Island, Australia. This island is smaller than the state of Delaware in the US, but offers amazing opportunities for divers. Peanut Island, West Palm Beach, Florida. The weather and the environment here are a match for the Caribbean. And the price is much lower. Palomino Island, Puerto Rico. Coral reefs and beds with algae make Palomino Island an amazing place for underwater walks.

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All inclusive vacations - hawaii snorkeling

Phuket is known for its pleasant sea and beaches

Snorkeling in Phuket is one of the popular pastimes. The best way for these purposes is Kata beach. Coral colonies are especially good in the northern part of the bay. The islands near Phuket, Khai and Racha, are also ideal for snorkeling in this region. At the last corals are located in small cozy bays, which is convenient and safe for beginner snorkelers. Here are eels, moray eels, puffer fish, parrot fish and many others.

La Holla Beach, San Diego, California. Also known as Seal Beach. Divers are accompanied by hundreds of seals. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. The most popular part of the Cayman Islands. The water here is crystal clear and full of different types of animals and plants. Blue Hole Dean, Bahamas. The Blue Hole is the entrance to the ancient cave system. And Dean's hole is considered the deepest in the world.

Resort Anse Chastanet, Saint Lucia. It is located in the heart of the marine sanctuaries of St. Lucia and is surrounded by coral reefs, ideal for snorkelling. Elbow Beach, Florida. Perfect location for honeymooners who love to swim. There are many quite romantic underwater caves here. Crystal River, Florida. In this place you can swim with manatees! They are even ready to pose for a photo.

Buck Island Reef, Santa Cruz. There is an underwater trail that makes it easy to "wander" along a coral reef and get to Turtle Beach. Bimini Island, Bahamas. Here you can feed the stingrays from your hand and "hang" with 20 dolphins in the crystal blue waters. Silver Bank, Dominican Republic. You can swim with humpback whales off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

Marine Reserve Hol Chan, Belize. It is known that there are dozens of nurse sharks, pike buzzards, rays and representatives of the ron family. If you want to get closer to the wild fish that usually swim at depth, then this is the place. Paxos, Greece. The Caribbean is not the only place with incredible snorkelling opportunities. Katedral Bay, Hahei, New Zealand. Hahei is an amazing beach with pink sand, and lovers of swimming can enjoy its beauty at any depth.

Cala Sa Calobra, Mallorca, Spain. One of the most beautiful anchors in the Balearic Islands. Amazing lighting, flash for underwater photos you do not need here. Calanques de Sormeu, France. Calanques are caves with steep cliffs, and the coast between Marseille and Cassis, 20 km long, is full of them. Sardinia, Italy. The most amazing place for diving and snorkeling is northeast Sardinia.

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