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Hiking in the mountains is the easiest and most affordable form of outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle

In the modern world it is not necessary to be a super-athletic person and have special skills in order to go to the forest or mountains. Indeed, this is an active holiday, and it requires some effort for a long walk with obstacles. But modern gadgets and equipment make life easier for travelers than never before. Going camping is not such an expensive thing. The main thing is to have equipment. If you are planning a trip for the first time, you can borrow it, for starters, and only then gradually get your own.

Modern tents, sleeping bags and rugs will allow you to arrange a comfortable overnight stay, without having to pay a lot of money - this equipment is quite accessible to middle-class people. So overnight will fill you with energy and strength to conquer new peaks. This, of course, is not a home bed, but there will be no discomfort.

The right hike is an autonomous hike with a backpack, we carry all the things, equipment, food ourselves. Every day we set up a camp in a new place, we try to choose more beautiful paths. Nothing restricts our freedom, we have everything with us, we are not attached to anything. We can go in any way, climb into the wildest places and see what is inaccessible to groups who decided to lighten their backpacks with the help of horses, porters or cars.

Anyone who has ever visited a hiking trip will never be able to get rid of this hobby. Everyone who has not done this yet, wants to get out into the countryside with tents and backpacks. However, far from always hiking consists of gatherings near a fire and beautiful views. Sometimes this can be fraught with real dangers, especially if you are going to fairly distant places.

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Mountains are a fantastically beautiful world that cannot be described in ordinary words

For those who are afraid to get hurt or get infected: your fears are logical and understandable. Start hiking with easy routes, with experienced fellow travelers, be careful. Then everything will be fine. There are now hundreds of mosquito and tick repellents. Do not worry for a while to remain without a phone or the Internet. Feel free to move to meet adventures. After all, your fears will pass over time, like your youth! Hurry up to get memories.

Many people with complete misunderstanding look at tourists with large backpacks. The comfort of the body is their motto, and even their suitcase on wheels is difficult for them to carry. People with a different worldview, cheerful and energetic, love hiking. They easily sacrifice comfort for the body for the sake of new adventures, beautiful views and true, pure nature. In such a company it is always fun and interesting, after each trip new friends appear. And since a person in a difficult, uncomfortable situation immediately shows who he really is, you can count on them even after a short acquaintance.

Take everything you need with you. If you think that this advice applies only to beginners who do not know how to pack a backpack, then you are deeply mistaken. Even seasoned tourists sometimes make annoying mistakes, forgetting to put an item in their backpacks or relying on a friend who "seemed to take a burner".

Leave information about your route. Nowadays, when you can call any person in one second and get any information, this advice is overlooked by many. It is very possible that during the campaign you will not have a connection, the battery will run out or the phone will be stolen altogether. And at that very moment, according to the law of meanness, all the worst happens. Therefore, before leaving the house, leave a message about your route and the estimated time of return to at least two trusted people. Even better if it is a detailed track of your trip.

If you are traveling as part of a group, then in no case should you leave anyone behind or, conversely, go far ahead. If one of the participants is tired and does not maintain the pace, then wait for it; if he cannot continue, then do not leave the satellite until he is in a safe place. Try to stay together and not go apart even if it seems to you that it is safe.

Know your limits and capabilities. You and only you know what your body is capable of. There is nothing worse for you and your group if you overestimate your abilities and at some point feel that "I can't go further, take-me-back!" Therefore, before leaving the house, it is necessary to clearly assess the estimated rate of movement, physical condition - one's own and other participants, the difficulty of the route. It is worth remembering first of all that hiking is still rest, not a struggle for survival.

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