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In Europe, there are many distinctive places where no tour operator went

Despite this, you will receive maximum comfort, vivid impressions and a warm sea. You will have something to tell. And vacation pictures will warm you with pleasant memories for a long time to come. Want to get a unique experience? Go to the unadvertised corners of Europe. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a distinctive Europe. Where to begin? Mellieha, Malta. Want to touch the origins of humanity? Come to one of the oldest cities in the world - Mellieha. The first buildings in this place appeared in the Neolithic era. These stones remember the rule of Byzantium, the invasion of the Arabs. The Order of Malta built a fortress and a cathedral here.

Rocamadour. France. Visiting a small town in the south-west of France, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Thanks to the hilly terrain, it seems that the houses are climbing on sheer cliffs. Castle architecture, narrow streets, tiled roofs will return you to the time of noble knights. Madeira, Portugal - They say with a lovely paradise and in a hut. Do not believe? Come to the island of Madeira. Natural lava pools, a huge variety of seafood, local wines will adequately brighten up your leisure time. Lovely huts with roofs made of real straw will allow you to retire, enjoy the silence and relax in comfort.

Positano, Italy - This small village of four thousand inhabitants is located on the Amalfi Coast. Many cities will envy the cultural life of Positano. The Italian village was chosen as the place of residence by representatives of Bohemia: actors, dancers, architects, writers. Among the picturesque houses, the villa of Sophia Loren was lost. And in the ruins of the Saracen tower is a ballet school founded by writer Mikhail Semenov. John Steinbeck wrote about this place: "Positano personifies our dreams, constantly beckons, it is only worth leaving".

Alberobello, Italy. Do you want to plunge into the atmosphere of fantasy? Come to the Italian village of Alberobello! Stone houses trulli with roofs in the shape of a cone will not leave indifferent. It is noteworthy that unique houses are built without a binder solution. What does not prevent them from staying strong for many centuries. Traditionally, under one roof there is only one room. A large trulli is crowned with several stone domes.

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Exciting travel is a special part of our lives

If you know the best places for a summer vacation in Europe and choose the right resort, then your vacation will be unforgettable

Bohinj Lake - Alps, Slovenia. After dusty and noisy cities, the mountain lake is stunning with its crystal clear ecology. The unique natural complex is located 525 meters above sea level. Bohinj Lake is the pearl of the Triglav National Reserve. Here you will find a second wind, forget about stress and enjoy the proximity to nature.

Piran, Slovenia - this resort town is located in a cozy bay of the Adriatic Sea. The city can be safely called a museum of medieval architecture in the open. The Venetian style prevails. The unique geographical location in the Gulf of Piran allows you to quickly get to neighboring Croatia, Italy. Hvar Island, Croatia - this resort is still little known among tourists. The island of Hvar is rightfully considered the longest and sunniest resort of the Adriatic. The first people appeared here in ancient times. The architecture of the island assimilated the traditions of different cultures that once dominated the Adriatic. Today, the island of Hvar is a comfortable resort and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Samos. Greece - This amazing island is located in the Aegean Sea. In ancient times, the place inspired such great thinkers as Aristarchus and Pythagoras, Epicurus and Meliss. The great Herodotus called Samos the cradle of three wonders of the world. The gentle sea and sandy beaches will give a beautiful tan. And the endless horizon and distinctive atmosphere will inspire brilliant ideas worthy of the great minds of antiquity.

Dinan, Belgium - this settlement has existed since ancient Roman times. Dinan presented the world with the philosopher David Dinansky, artist Joachim Patinir, singer Eamillo Everardi and, of course, the inventor of the saxophone Adolf Sachs. There is also a beer museum and Leffe Abbey, inextricably linked to the brewing process. It is noteworthy that the whole town fits in two frames, only because it is located on both banks of the Meuse River.

Menton, France - a picturesque city located on the Cote d'Azur near the border with Italy. Its unique architecture has arisen from an amazing combination of French and Italian cultures. Thanks to its mild climate, Menton is buried in gardens and parks. This town is also called a citrus paradise, because over the past 400 years, fragrant oranges and bright lemons have been grown here. Lofoten Islands, Norway. Do you consider the Arctic to be an inappropriate destination for recreation? So you were not in the Lofoten Islands. Despite the fact that the archipelago is located beyond the Arctic Circle, the climate here is quite mild. The warm current of the Gulf Stream makes life in fishing villages quite comfortable. On the southern islands of the archipelago, air temperature does not drop below zero even in winter. The Lofoten Islands are famous for fishing, dried Atlantic cod and fantastically wild landscapes.

Portofino, Italy - this picturesque fishing town inhabits only half a thousand people. Portofino was founded by the Romans, naming it after the dolphins, who lived in abundance in this part of the Ligurian Sea. The smallest town in the province of Genoa has its own castle, churches and several temples. The town is almost not visible from the air due to the spreading crowns of numerous trees. Kalambaka, Greece. The small town is located 242 meters above sea level. The first mention of Kalambaki dates back to 167 BC. Literally three kilometers from the town, sheer cliffs rise, the peaks of which are crowned by the famous monasteries of Meteora. Once the sheer cliffs were hidden by a deep lake. When the water left, Orthodox monks settled in the exposed caves, who later built 24 cloisters on the cliff tops. Only eight Meteor monasteries have survived to this day. By the way, the word "meteor" in translation means "hovering between heaven and earth."

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