Most popular travel destinations in the world. After the lights go down low

Most popular travel destinations in the world right now. Do you think you know it.

Normal running has a positive effect on the human body, improving health and developing endurance, but interval running can be even more effective

Running, in which the whole distance is divided into segments of different speeds, is called interval. There are different types of such athletics training and interval sprint here occupies a special place. This method is used by professional athletes to develop speed and endurance, it also creates a powerful fat burning effect. Classic interval sprint involves the division of the distance into sections of 100, 150 or 200 meters, which are overcome at a moderate or fast pace.

It is necessary to start from a moderate area, then go to the maximum acceleration, and then return to an easy run, then again to the maximum acceleration, etc. With such a race, the tandem of moderate and superintense load is very effective. A light run allows you to prepare for the upcoming acceleration, at the moment of which an intense activation of all body systems occurs, after which the same light run contributes to a smooth recovery of systems after an energy surge. Each person determines the distance of the race according to his fitness.

Vaadhoo Island, Maldives. It would seem that interesting can be in bioluminescent phytoplankton? However, it's worth a look. The unique view of plankton that glows in the dark can only be seen on the island of Vaadhu. The waves, running ashore, take it away with them, and the water begins to overflow with hundreds, thousands of sparkling lights.

Retba Lake, Senegal. Retba Lake is located in the north-eastern part of Dakar and is known for its unusual color of water. The lake owes its color to algae, because of which the water acquires a saturated color - from pale pink to scarlet. Also, the water has a high salt content, so you can stay afloat all the time, as in the Dead Sea.

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Most popular travel destinations in the world

So where to go on a trip for a unique experience

"Walk through the sky" on the Uyuni Solonchak in Bolivia. The largest salt desert in the world is covered with a layer of salt from a few centimeters to 10 meters, and when the salt is covered with water, it becomes a huge mirror. Just imagine what kind of selfies you get! Look at the Martian landscapes of America's canyons. Horseshoe Canyon, Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon in Utah, USA. All these landscapes will seem alien to you, but in fact are close to us. Be sure to take a helicopter ride over Horseshoe Canyon or enjoy the colors of Zion Canyon.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland. Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa resort just 40 km from Reykjavik. This place did not appear by itself, but largely thanks to man: water from power plants supplying energy to the capital accumulated on a lava plateau. As a result, mineral salts, silica and blue-green algae appeared in the water, which gave it healing properties.

Swim on the beaches of the Railay Peninsula in Thailand. This place is an oasis of silence. There are no cars, no buses, no motor boats. Only white sand, rocks, caves and blue lagoons. You should see the magnificent valley of geysers in Kamchatka, and if you're lucky - and bears. Have you ever seen 90 geysers nearby? It is unlikely that if you have never been to Kamchatka. It is there that the only geyser field in the world is located. And of course, do not forget about the bears, which are also found there.

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji. The hotel is located directly under the sea, at a depth of about 13 meters, in the very center of the lagoon. Each room is a separate sealed capsule with an open view of the underwater world. The hotel is expensive, but guests are served at the highest level: there is a bar, restaurant, gym and even a church for those who want to play an unusual wedding.

Well of Thor, Oregon. The well of Thor - part of Cape Perpetua - is a stone funnel extending several meters inland. What is at the bottom of the Well is still unknown, scuba divers do not risk descending there - a strong current interferes. It is advisable to visit the funnel an hour before the tide: the water begins to quickly fill the Well of Thor, and then effectively shoots up with a 6-meter fountain of spray.

Gates of Paradise, China. Another name is Heaven's Gate. This is the highest cave, it was formed in 263, when suddenly a large piece of the mountain just fell off, creating a huge cavity. 999 steps lead to its foot: according to legend, by following them, one can achieve enlightenment and draw closer to God. This is not for everyone, but in China, apparently, they do not like to disappoint tourists, therefore they made the world's longest funicular and the highest open elevator. A cloud of fog can almost always be seen above the cave, which gives it even more mystery.

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