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Why is a vacation in the village so attractive

If the seaside resorts are fed up with you, you should think about an alternative. Rest in the village - not familiar with this leisure option? Today, rural tourism is becoming increasingly popular, and this is not surprising. Green, ecological, rural, agritourism - let's not look too meticulously for differences and distinguish between these types of recreation. The main thing is what? All this is a vacation in the village, away from the bustle of the city, with the ability to breathe fresh air, admire the natural beauties, eat natural wholesome food and relax from the benefits of civilization.

At dawn, walk barefoot through the dew to meet the sunrise on the banks of a river or lake, have lunch from the oven for pies, and sing songs with neighbors at a large table under an old apple tree in the evening. Whoever likes this, he is simply obliged to experience for himself what is rest in the Russian village. Even if you are sure you like rural romance, for a start it would be nice to still go on vacation to the village for a few days - for reconnaissance.

Decide whether you need real rural exoticism (perhaps you are a collector of folklore or want to completely plunge into the real atmosphere of life of the villagers) or still the usual amenities are necessary. Mini-estates that invite to rest in the village, of course, are not authentic, they are stylized as peasant life, but there is everything there that the townsman is used to.

At your service a whole range of entertainment: boating, fishing, hunting, local cuisine, horseback riding. As well as picking berries and mushrooms in the forests, herbs in the fields and lawns. Excursions to local attractions - visiting wildlife sanctuaries, nature reserves, national parks, livestock farms, walking along ecological trails. Master classes in pottery, weaving, blacksmithing. Folklore holidays.

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Best budget friendly vacations for couples

The cost of such a rest depends on the level of comfort and the set of services and entertainment

But sometimes it's not even the price. Real relaxation is possible in a real village, where for a while you can become a villager and understand how our ancestors lived, what are the traditions of the people. But the spoiled comfort for the townspeople is difficult to immediately sharply change the situation. Therefore, mini-estates (albeit stylized) are a more suitable option. By the way, going to such places on holidays will be more expensive.

In general, having tuned in for a vacation in the village, it is worthwhile to pre-monitor the prices, the proposed living conditions, transport services and other nuances. Rural tourism in Russia is not yet as developed as, for example, in Europe. But mini-estates are already in almost all regions. Village estates of Karelia and Altai will captivate you with amazingly beautiful landscapes. The main thing for you is to want to understand that rest in the village is what will give you strength, health, give new impressions and a sea of emotions.

More recently, no one in Russia could have imagined that soon rural tourism would begin to develop in the country, which had long flourished in the western countries - France, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Great Britain and Hungary. In Europe, more than 35% of megalopolis residents prefer rural rest. This type of recreation began to gain momentum in Russia, as there was always a request for a vacation in the village, and the villagers did not have other resources that could bring income other than nature and their own home.

Holidays in the village can teach a lot of city kids who really see how bread, vegetables and fruits grow, where butter, eggs and sour cream come from, how cows or goats are milked, how village houses are built and much more. They can make friends with animals, learn to ride a horse, get to know the local guys and enjoy the rural free-rein as much as possible, while their parents help the owners. Many villages now have small zoos, unusual farms, apiaries, fish farms. Their visit will allow the children to learn a lot of new things and learn to appreciate village work.

Childless families or single men can seek shelter in the countryside near a reservoir in which you can swim and catch fish, or in a forest rich in berries and mushrooms. Some vacationers agree to receive part of the crop for work. This type of rural tourism is called agritourism. It obligatory and dominant factor is work in the garden or in the field. However, sometimes this name is used as a synonym for rest in the village as a whole. It is also customary to use the term "green tourism", but it is less accurate, as it can be interpreted more broadly, including any spending time in nature.

To go on vacation to the village, you can directly agree with the residents of the area in which you want to visit, or you can resort to the services of an agency. In any case, it is worth stipulating all the conditions in writing in order to agree on the living conditions, the amount of work, if any, the timing, payment, meals and everything that both parties consider important. So next time, when planning your vacation, consider the option of rural tourism and feel free to go on vacation to the village.

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