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You probably heard about the elders, who live in the mountains to 100 years

Mountains can take away everything from a person, and mountains could give him health and life. Mountains are treating. Mountain air has unique healing properties that heal diseases of the respiratory system, blood circulation and nervous system. Sources that hit from the mountain crevices, give us mineral water. Mineral water will heal your stomach and intestines, charge you with good energy, boost immunity and give strength. In the mountains it is always very beautiful, everything pleases the eye. And it miraculously affects the well-being and mood. And in the mountains you can relax. This may be an active holiday, in winter and summer.

Also in the mountains you can just walk and enjoy the silence and clouds that hang over the peaks. No wonder in the mountainous areas there are so many sanatoriums, recreation centers and hotels for tourists. In the mountains, the essence of man is best manifested. The mountains cast off his mask and show the true face. In general, a trip to the mountains is not only the conquest of the peaks, but also a new discovery of yourself and your friends.

For most people, summer is associated with the seashore and golden sand. And few of us are able to think about the rest in the mountains. And in vain! Few people even suspect that the term "mountain tourism" includes not only snow-capped peaks and ski slopes, snowboarding and slalom. Few people know that mountain resorts for the summer period provide significant discounts on accommodation, while coastal hotels then increase their price offers to transcendental scales. Few people are even aware of what exactly summer vacation in the mountains includes.

In the mountains, kings and rulers, princes and billionaires, celebrities, poets, artists, students, children, doctors, military, athletes, engineers, men and women love to relax. Everyone will find a vacation in the mountains to your taste and wallet. Long since in the mountains, people rested and improved their health. Today, everyone can buy a ticket and go to rest in the mountains. Many rich people have in the mountains of possession and holiday homes, cottages and huge estates. But the true tourist should only collect a backpack and friends and go on holiday in the mountains.

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Where to go for unforgettable impressions

The mountains are fraught with so many secrets and riddles and are not going to easily share them with us

Mountain caves and lakes, divine landscapes of mountain peaks and stormy mountain rivers, quiet rivers and streams, animals, birds, mountain grasses and plants - all this meets a mountain tourist on his way. There is a lot to see in the mountains. Most of the tourist routes in the Soviet Union passed through the mountainous areas. The mountains are amazingly stored and the history of people who lived here thousands of years ago. Very often, tourists travel hundreds of kilometers in order to see cave paintings in caves, ruins of ancient castles, fortresses and churches, half-forgotten villages.

How much to spend on a vacation in the mountains? It all depends on your budget. Rest on the most fashionable ski resorts is worth a lot of money. To participate in the leap campaigns and climbing the mountains with a height of more than 2500 meters, you need to have expensive high-quality equipment, clothing and shoes, and communication facilities. This, of course, is costly. Well, multi-day mountain hikes, rafting on mountain rivers, treatment in sanatoriums, ski trips, rest in the winter at "ordinary" ski resorts is relatively inexpensive.

If you are fascinated by a mountain bike or rock climbing, then you need to buy only a bicycle or climbing shoes and safety equipment. And you can drive along mountain serpentines or narrow paths for free or hang on a cliff. And it will be quite cheap if you and your friends go on your own to the mountains for a few days on an uncomplicated trip. And an ordinary one-hour walk can cost only a couple of sandwiches.

Today, vacation in the mountains is gaining popularity again. More and more people aspire to the mountains to go skiing and snowboarding, climb to the top by bicycle or climb over the rocks, relax on the shore of a mountain lake or river in tents, raft down on rafts or kayaks down the turbulent waters of mountain rivers. Travel companies offer many options for recreation in the mountains for advanced skiers and tourists, as well as ordinary people who do not have any special skills. It is becoming popular and recreation in sanatoriums and boarding houses in the mountains.

It is also impossible to forget about the entertainment that exactly the mountain resorts have: here you can go fishing in mountain rivers and lakes, hiking in the mountains, and horseback riding and mountain biking, boats and catamarans, extreme and ordinary rafting on mountain rivers, their waterfalls and cascades. In rest in the mountains do not get bored is not old nor small! Young people can test their endurance and get a powerful energy boost of adrenaline. A clean and fresh mountain air will help everyone, without exception, to relieve stress and give the lungs a chance to forget about urban smog and constant engine exhaust.

Mountains are love for life! If one day you fell in love with the mountains, then this love will last your whole life. Remember that the mountains need to love, respect and be prepared for extreme situations. And then, your vacation in the mountains in winter or summer will not be overshadowed by illness or a great tragedy.

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