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In the Alps there are many wonderful places that can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding tourists

Not a single list of the most famous Swiss resorts is complete without mentioning St. Moritz - a fashionable town where millionaires and those who want to be closer to them prefer to relax. St. Moritz has long been the epitome of a luxurious and carefree life. Here are boutiques of fashion houses, Michelin-starred restaurants, five-star hotels - that is, everything where you can leave impressive amounts for a short period of time. St. Moritz does not cease to entertain and amaze its guests all year round. There are polo competitions in the snow, horse races, gastronomic and opera festivals, marathons and conventions of lovers of symphonic music.

St. Moritz is also famous for its ski slopes. They are laid along five mountain slopes and are particularly picturesque. 350 km of landscaped and virgin slopes will not leave indifferent any athlete or amateur. At many pistes, guests are served a glass of champagne or a mug of mulled wine. Especially popular with fans of winter sports are the slopes of the Devil Peaks, which are designed for freeriding. Against the background of the unusual landscapes of St. Moritz, it's hard not to feel like a world celebrity.

Madonna di Campiglio is perhaps the best ski resort in Trentino. It is located in the valley of the Dolomites and is surrounded by spectacular lifts on both sides. As in the above ski resorts, Madonna di Campiglio has repeatedly held international competitions, but in addition there are many shops, restaurants, bars and good hotels that make Madonna di Campiglio a very popular place among celebrities.

Good and affordable local Aparthotel Ambiez Residencehotel. Madonna di Campiglio is located 1,550 meters above sea level, some ski slopes operate at night, which allows for night walks. All tracks are equipped with modern lifts. For snowboarders, there is a Ursus snowpark equipped with everything necessary for jumping. Also, tourists are offered ski slopes and children's areas equipped with inflatable games. There is an ice rink in the center of the town.

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Alpine tourism

In the Alps you can find a place to taste for any wallet

The exclusive and magical Courmayeur ski resort is located in northern Italy, in the "heart" of the Alps, at the foot of Mont Blanc, in the Valle d'Aosta region. Courmayeur has gained fame as the most fashionable ski resort in the Valle d'Aosta region, which is why many tourists come here every year to spend their unforgettable winter holidays. In addition to the extreme ski slopes, here you can find other equally important amenities - health and fitness centers, places for entertainment such as nightclubs, bars, restaurants, movie theaters and boutiques.

Courmayeur is located 1,220 meters above sea level. If you still manage to visit Courmayeur, do not miss a visit to the nearby town of Pre Saint Didier, namely its thermal springs, here you will have the opportunity to swim in the outdoor pool with thermal water surrounded by snow and enjoy the beautiful view of the Mont Blanc mountain. The City Hotel Locanda Bellevue has excellent reviews.

Another favorite holiday destination of the rich is the resort of Davos, known since the 18th century. Many have heard about this city in connection with the World Economic Forum held here, during which social life pauses and hotels are filled with smart people working in large companies. When the "experts" leave, and this happens in early February, an idle audience returns to Davos, spending days and hours dissecting the mountain slopes on skis and snowboards.

By the way, this is where the luxurious area for snowboarders is located. For guests of the resort periodically arrange holidays - night skating. There are enough ordinary winter joys here - there is an ice rink in Davos, there is a track for sledding, a site for the construction of houses from snow. Local ski slopes are located on different slopes, so moving from one ski area to another directly on skis does not work. Free buses run between the ski lifts. Davos is one of the most amazing cities in the Swiss Alps.

Lemon Piedmont is a modern ski resort located in the region of the same name. In total, it offers 80 kilometers of ski slopes of varying complexity, 20 of them are equipped with snowmaking systems. A large number of lifts (18) and a cable car make this place ideal for relaxing with your family. Lemon Piedmont is just an hour away from the popular seaside resorts of the Riviera and Monte Carlo. A big plus is that here you can find a hotel for every taste and with any amenities, for example, Hotel Edelweiss is a good family place to stay. In the neighboring village of Panice Sottana there are two routes (3 and 5 km) for cross-country skiing lovers. Those who wish can take a guided tour with a professional snowshoe guide.

In Grindelwald, nothing indicates that he annually receives "the powers that be." There are no expensive luxury hotels here, because all guests stay in village chalets, where the fireplace crackles so comfortably in the evenings, and the snow-capped peaks of Jungfrau, Minkh or Aiger are visible from the windows. From here it is easy to make trips to the nearest natural and man-made sights, for example, climb the Sphinx Terrace on Mount Jungfrau, see the Ice Palace there and visit the dog farm on the Eiger Glacier. There is a train from Interlaken to the top of Jungfrau, which makes stops in the most picturesque corners of this region. Grindelwald offers its guests a lot of entertainment: climbing the Upper Glacier, visiting the Crystal Museum, a walk to the bird nursery. In the vicinity of the resort of Grindelwald, you can find two more villages that host lovers of winter active sports. One of them, called Wengen, offers its guests the most difficult skiing track Laubernhorn. In Grindelwald, most likely, those who are just trying to get on the skis will like it.

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