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Getting away together. Lake Baikal, Eastern Siberia is the deepest lake on the planet, the largest natural reservoir of fresh water and the largest freshwater lake by area on the continent

The lake and coastal areas are characterized by a unique variety of flora and fauna. What to see on Baikal in summer and winter? Where to go first of all to see the truly amazing nature of the lake and have a great rest? Interesting places of Baikal are worth visiting as part of excursions. If you are going on a trip to Lake Baikal, you should make a list of the most interesting places that you simply need to visit.

Almost any photo guide or online resource about Baikal uses photographs taken in Peschanaya Bay. The place is so beautiful and unusual that it is declared a natural monument. The enchanting corner, which is often called the Baikal Riviera, is sand and clear lake water. The main attraction of the bay are stilted trees - old larch trees. Long-term erosion processes washed and blew out almost all of the soil from under their roots.

And so the giants seem to rely on tall "stilts", rising above the shore. Two other small picturesque bays adjoin Peschanaya - Grandmother and Granddaughter, separated by a long cape Grandfather. You can also go past the grottoes to the protruding near the shore Baklany rock. On this four-story ledge in the summer lives a large colony of gulls. And the rock got its name from its former inhabitants.

Slyudyanka - a city on the western shore of Lake Baikal is well known to all lovers of mineralogy, and even more so to professional geologists. This happened because about three hundred different minerals were found in the vicinity of Slyudyanka. And also because a rich geological museum was created in the city. It is called "Gems of Russia" and is located in the house number 36 on Slyudyanskaya street. The city itself is also known for being built next to the Shaman cape, in the caves of which scientists discovered household utensils and petroglyphs dating back to the Neolithic era. That is, people lived in these places and conducted their economy in the IV-III centuries BC.

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Baikal lake tourism

Locals and many in Russia traditionally call Lake Baikal the sea

To understand why Baikal is called the sea, you need to swim along it. For example, to make a trip to the largest Baikal island - Olkhon, - separated from the western coast by the Small or Narrow Sea, in the Buryat language, "Narin Dalai". Khuzhir is not just a village, it is a real Olkhon capital, where most of the islanders live.

The main attraction of the huge island is the Shamanka rock, located at the very tip of Cape Burhan. It is revered by all residents of the Baikal region, and especially by Buddhists. From far away, 13 ritual pillars of serge standing near the cape are visible. Khuzhir also has a small museum of local lore, and 4 km away is an ethnographic Buryat village, in which traditional dwellings are built and you can try national dishes of Buryat cuisine.

Old Angasolka is a very tiny village on the shore of Lake Baikal, it is notable for the house-museum of Nicholas Roerich and old railway tunnels and viaducts. The latter are so picturesque that they will not leave indifferent even those who are little interested in the technical side of the issue. Old Agnasolka appeared due to the construction of the Circum-Baikal Railway at the beginning of the last century.

In the village itself there is a beautiful stone railway bridge over a small river. And a kilometer to the east - a viaduct laid through the Upornaya Bay, and having a length of more than 80 m. The famous Khabartuysky tunnels are even further. And behind them, almost 10 km from Old Angasolka, an amazing natural monument "Bird Bazaar" - a steep cliff inhabited by seagulls. In the village itself is a cultural center dedicated to Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich, who in 1926 visited these places.

Traditionally, lovers of skiing, as well as freeriding, come to Sobolinaya Gora in Baikalsk. Only 1.6 km is separated by well-equipped and well-groomed slopes with lifts from the southern shore of Lake Baikal. Places here in winter are moderately cold and very snowy, so the ski season lasts for half a year.

Another traditional entertainment - in the winter in Baikalsk, right on the lake, a large ice bath is being built. And in the summer it is convenient to start hiking and mountain routes from the city along the spurs of the Khamar-Baban ridge. Among tourists, both multi-day trips and one-day trips are popular. For example, to the rock-outlier Devil's finger in the valley of the Solzan River.

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