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A ski resort is a place where snow causes only joy

Lake Louise, Banff, Canada - The oldest and largest ski resort in Banff National Park. It is called almost the most beautiful complex in the world because of the beautiful mountain panoramas. French comfort and luxury meet every visitor. Prices for fashionable hotels are a bit biting, but for stunning natural views you can give everything. A huge list of entertainment is well suited for families.

140 tracks run from November to May. The base is suitable for both "dummies" and professional athletes. All services are top notch, but you need to be prepared for the huge amount in the check. Ski-pass for an adult is $ 99 per day. There are a lot of tourists, mainly they came for natural beauties. You can get to the park itself and move around its territory by car, it needs to be rented in advance. This is the most convenient way, and you can even find rental offers at the airport.

Davos, Switzerland This classic ski resort is famous not only for its excellent relaxation, but also for the healing properties of its clean air. They have been resting here for the fourth century in a row, and popularity is not falling. But crowding is commonplace. The Swiss capital of snowboarding is the second name of the base. It is for snowboarders that there are many equipped trails with ski jumps. However, skiers with different skill levels can also ride here.

The length of the tracks is 240 km. For youth and children discounts apply. In addition to skiing from November to April, the complex offers many entertainment, sports and high-quality service. Relaxing here is not cheap, but comfort and diverse slopes are worth it. It should be noted that you can move between different slopes using a free bus. The resort also offers gourmet cuisine.

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All inclusive weekend getaway packages near me

The best places in the world for winter holidays

Chamonix, France - this is one of the most famous ski resorts is not going to lower the bar. Tens of thousands of tourists come here, even those who are not at all interested in skiing and snowboarding. Excellent transfer, high level of service, numerous entertainment and restaurants - this is what attracts people from all over the world. With regards to the tracks, they are here for every taste and experience. The total length reaches 152 km. Light tracks do not even require an instructor, but extreme sports will delight one of the most difficult and dangerous "black" slopes.

The ski season is open from December to March, but in some cases can be extended until May. There is almost always snow. Active nightlife, shopping, various sports - the complex is ideal for youth and families with small children. As in all of France, nutrition is given special attention. Due to the popularity of the resort, reservations must be made in advance. Even hostels are not cheap here. However, accommodation and services here are 15% lower than in other neighboring resorts. There are a huge number of different types of settlement, including chalets and motels.

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy - this Italian complex is very fond of beginners and skiers with average experience. It is located in a secluded corner of the Dolomites, in the Boite Valley. The resort is popular not only for skiing, but also for any pastime. You need to get on the bus, but at the base itself they even prefer to walk on foot. A lot of "green" and "blue" slopes, the total length of the slopes is 140 km. There are ski schools and nightly lighting trails.

It is especially beautiful to ride at sunset when the slopes of the mountains turn pink. Two special tracks are equipped for snowboarders, and for professionals there are only a couple of "black" slopes. Almost constant snow and good sunny weather. Most Russian outdoor enthusiasts go here to relax. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, the base offers other sports, a large number of discos and restaurants, a wonderful selection of boutiques for shopping. For children there are special areas with entertainment. Ski season from December to April.

Sierra Nevada, Spain - This resort is considered the southernmost in Europe. This is one of the best complexes of the Old World, which is visited by thousands of tourists every day. Literally 20 km away there are palm trees and white sand, but the wonderful mountains have no problems with snow. Trails of all kinds of difficulties are located, but there is a bias towards masters of the middle and highest level. The season lasts from December to April. There are tracks specifically for snowboards, halfpipe. Some slopes are illuminated at night.

The weather is almost always clear. The infrastructure of the city is well developed, Tkrists can relax here for various purposes of visiting. The most convenient way to get there is by bus. For children there are snowboard schools and special institutions. There is a decent level of service, the scheme is clear and simple, but it cannot be said that this resort is suitable for a budget tourist. There is a convenient cableway. Entertainment belongs only to hotels, so for a good rest you should stay in them. There are offers for outdoor activities: dog teams, snowmobiles, hang glider. A special place is occupied by excursions and nightlife. Before the trip, specify whether any competitions will be held, since they are often not allowed visitors.

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