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The Bahamas is simply a tropical vacation legend. And there are reasons for this

The Bahamas archipelago is one of the smallest countries in the world. It has about 700 small islands and another 2,000 tiny islets, and offers a wide variety of landscape, services and leisure opportunities, as well as beautiful clean beaches. The archipelago has about 30 inhabited islands, and more than a dozen of them attract tourists. For those who are going to the Bahamas for the first time, or not the first time, we present the "Top Ten" islands of the archipelago. They are also the easiest to reach. New Providence is the main island of the Bahamas archipelago. He is the most populous, the most popular and simply attracts vacationers, especially Americans.

On this island is Nassau, the largest and most famous Bahamian city. It has 175,000 inhabitants and 400 banks! There is a huge selection of hotels, restaurants and other amenities and entertainment for visitors. If you do not take into account the historical narrow streets and forts of the times of English domination, the main tourist attractions are the International Resort and Casino Atlantis, as well as the Queen's Staircase. This is a stone staircase consisting of 65 steps, where each step represents one year of Queen Victoria's reign. The staircase rises to a height of 102 feet to Fort Finastle. The most popular activities are swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing, diving, sport fishing, walking and cycling.

Eleuthera is arguably the longest of the Bahamas. It is 110 miles long, and is located 60 miles west of Nassau. This place is for the rich and famous. It is very easy to get to it: an airplane from Miami, Lauderdale and Nassau flies every day. The population of the island totals 10 800 people. The main cities are Spanish Wells, the richest colony in the Bahamas; Gregory Town, the venue of the Pineapple Festival; Governor Harbor, a typical tropical city with its history and charm; and Tarpum Bay, a community of artists where, among others, Mal Flanders, an American, and MacMillan Hughes, a Scotsman, come to paint landscapes.

Bimini is just a stone thrown from Florida (just 50 miles). Ernest Hemingway and Zane Gray made him famous. Here everything is for fishing, fishing and fishing again. Bimini consists of two islands with a total area of less than 10 square miles and a population of 1,600, most of whom live in Bailey Town in North Bimini. However, Alice Town - another city where the local population lives - is more attractive for tourists, thanks to its hotels, restaurants and charter fishing companies located here. Most tourists come to Bimini to go fishing. By the way, about 20 well-known fishing tournaments are held on the island.

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All inclusive vacations Bahamas with airfare

The Bahamas is an alluring land, you just can't leave it unattended

Greater Bahama is the fourth largest island of the Bahamas archipelago. In tourist avenues, this island is described as "multinational, brilliant and glamorous, having kilometers of pristine beaches and an endless turquoise sea." And there is. There are about ten good hotels on the island, several excellent restaurants by the sea, outstanding shopping opportunities, two casinos and many kilometers of sandy beaches. The island's main city is Freeport, the second largest and most modern city of the Bahamas, with a population of 50,000. The main attraction of the island is Lucayan National Park, which is characterized by a wide variety of species.

Situated 35 miles east of New Providence, Exuma is a chain of 350 islands and coral reefs that extend 95 miles into the open ocean toward Long Island. Exuma has approximately 3,500 inhabitants, most of whom live in Greater Exume and Lesser Exume. They are located in the southern part of the atoll chain, the main cities are George Town and Williams Town, respectively. Daily flights connect the Exuma Islands with Miami and Nassau. Vacationers are offered good, modern living conditions, beach activities, fishing, swimming.

The third largest, most remote and southernmost in the Bahamas chain, Inagua is also the least populated. There are fewer than 1,200 inhabitants, they all live on the Great Inagua, while the Little Inagua remains uninhabited. Of course, Inagua with a stretch can be called an attractive place for tourists, but those who dare to drive so far south, expect many miles of pristine rocky coastline and wildlife that you will not find on other islands. The whole day will be busy with walks, cycling, fishing and bird watching. But two attractions still cause interest. The first is Inagua National Park with its rocky coastline of 280 miles, underground ponds, shallows, shrubs and jungles inhabited by famous flamingos and 200 species of birds. The second is the picturesque Matthew Town Lighthouse, which, like a lonely sentry, stands at the southern end of Inagua.

The Abacos is a group of small islands, islets, and reefs that together form their own 100-mile archipelago. This is the second largest group of islands in the Bahamas, and the most visited among the Bahamas Out Islands. The main city is Marsh Harbor, the third largest in the Bahamas, and the present is all in one. On the other islands of Abacos, there are bizarre cities and villages with pastel-colored houses and characteristic roofs, sun-drenched beaches, rich tropical vegetation and wild tropical birds, of which there are more than 50 species. Holidays in the Abakos archipelago include all the summer sports that you can think of, and modern conditions for a pleasant stay.

If you want privacy and pure natural beauty, head to Cat Island. An island of 50 square meters. Miles offers a relaxing holiday amid gentle hills, lush green forests and vast beaches open to the winds. There are not many comfortable hotels, and the main occupations of vacationers are swimming, hiking and walking through the ruins of old colonial plantations. Views of Cat Island include the Hermitage, a miniature hand-built abbey on Mount Alverina, the highest point on the island, at an altitude of 206 feet; the ruins of the Deveaux Plantation in Port Hove, representing a significant layer of history in a picturesque setting.

Andros is the largest island in the Bahamas archipelago. It is 104 miles long and 40 miles wide, located north of Abacos. Its population is 8,000 people. The three most significant cities are Nicholls Town, Fresh Creek and Camps Bay. They can be reached either by boat, or by plane from Miami or Nassau. Here tourists are offered good conditions for relaxation and accommodation, from luxury hotels to tidy guest houses. Andros is especially popular among divers.

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