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Many people love to travel. This is so exciting - to get acquainted with other countries, their culture, language, customs, cuisine

And surely every traveler has his own favorite mode of transport. Someone loves air travel for speed and comfort, someone loves rail trips for slowness and lulling knock of wheels, someone likes to travel by car, where you are your own master and your route depends only on you. And someone sees the meaning of life in going around the globe on a bicycle and successfully realizes his dream.

Cycling is useful from a cultural cognitive point of view: a traveler does not notice much when moving in a car or public transport, including when viewing city sights. A bicycle is faster and easier than a walk, but it also allows you to quickly inspect the streets and stop in the place you like. In the world there are many places recognized as the best for cycling.

The capital of Amsterdam is considered the most popular among cyclists in the Netherlands. This is due to the peculiarities of the city itself - a significant part of urban transport is made up of bicycles. They move not only tourists, but also schoolchildren, employees, etc. A bicycle is not a means of rest and entertainment, but a full-fledged means of transportation around the city. In Amsterdam, organized bicycle lanes, traffic lights, parking.

Berlin lags behind Amsterdam in the number of residents using bicycles, but cycling among visitors is very developed. The development of cycle tourism as a leisure industry is facilitated by the atmosphere of the city itself, which must be inspected completely - and not through the windows of vehicles, as well as the availability of bike paths and parking lots. But it should be noted that the bike season in Germany is open only in the warm season.

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New and exciting things to do with your boyfriend

Modern types of tourism include active sports activities, including cycling

The number of bicycles in Copenhagen exceeds the number of inhabitants, so it is not surprising that almost half of the inhabitants of the capital of Denmark get to the place of study and work on a bicycle. The development of cycle culture is supported by government agencies, the construction and maintenance of cycle roads, parking lots are financed. In Copenhagen, even a tourist can rent a public bike for free - just leave a deposit. After returning the bike, the deposit is returned to the owner.

Barcelona decided to develop cycle tourism on its territory as a promising direction. Since 2007, when there was a city decree on the development of cycling, a large hundred stations were built, at each of which you can rent a bicycle, and then return to another convenient station. The construction of special bicycle paths, parking lots, including underground ones, continues. Annually organize mass events: a day without a car, a week of a cyclist.

United Kingdom, Isle of Wight. The island attracts cycling tourists not with convenient paths, traffic lights and parking lots, but with its spacious and diverse terrain. In addition, festivals are often held on the island, so that sports activities can be combined with educational and entertaining. And there is something to see: both people and nature have created attractions. Caves, small mountains are adjacent to the ruins of ancient castles and small churches.

Rocky slopes, vineyards, orchards that you can admire while driving along convenient country roads - all this charm offers cycling tourists French Provence. People come here not for the sake of cycling, as a sport, but rather as a vacation, where speed and terrain are of secondary importance. There are also specially organized bicycle tours. One of them begins in the province of Alsace. Fans of a quiet ride and picturesque rural open spaces prefer the tracks near the Rhine River, and those who are attracted by the sports component of cycling are the Vosges Mountains.

Ireland, County Clare attracts fans of sports cycling: the most popular routes pass through the rocky terrain and the vast sandy beach. True, the purely sporting component of cycling in Ireland is negated by numerous pubs. In Italy, popular bike tours take you through the hilly Tuscany, medieval Sienna, romantic Florence and stylish Milan. India: Manali - Leh. This route runs in the impregnable Himalayas and is very difficult, since it will be necessary to overcome 4 passes at an altitude of 4000-5000 m.

Morocco, Africa: the mountains and deserts of this country will not leave indifferent any traveler. Do you like extreme trips? Then Marrakesh awaits you, which is next to the Atlas Mountains: the most picturesque part of the African bicycle route passes through their territory. Cycling is a popular outdoor activity that is gaining popularity. Its advantages are obvious: the ability to get to places where the car does not call, never part with your own transport, which can be carried as baggage, and cycling is a healthy mind and body.

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