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Republic of Adygea: canyoning, caving, rafting. An alternative to a beach pastime can be a trip to the mountain Adygea: here all the conditions for a vigorous vacation with children are created. Walking along mountain trails, traveling on off-road vehicles, climbing, canyoning, caving, hang gliding, rafting - in Adygea there is something for everyone to enjoy for both teenagers and their parents, and mountain air, a unique microclimate and mineral springs will help restore health.

The small mountain republic is one of the most picturesque and green corners of the south of Russia. There are not so many tourists here yet, so the pristine nature can be seen in all its glory: high wooded mountains, numerous waterfalls, mysterious caves, flowering meadows. There are many historical and cultural attractions in Adygea, and the invariable hospitality of local residents has become the hallmark of the republic.

Mountain Altai: extreme park. The fabulous beauty of Altai nature is known far beyond the borders of Russia. Rapid rivers and clear lakes, mountain peaks and deep caves, Siberian taiga and alpine meadows - a small territory of the Altai Republic is striking in its natural diversity. Plus healing air, organic food, developed tourist infrastructure.

Here you can swim in warm lakes or go rafting on mountain rivers, walk and horseback, fish, jump with a bungee in the drain of the Chemal hydroelectric station and have fun on water attractions - Mountain Altai offers a wide variety of recreation options, from quiet and secluded to noisy and extreme. For families with young children, Lake Manzherok or the tourist zone Biryuzovaya Katun are suitable, adolescents will be more interested in an extreme park near the Chemal River.

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Craziest travel adventures

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The Komi Republic - places are harsh and wild, not everyone decides to travel to these parts. You will not find ski resorts or health resorts here, the Komi Republic is the cleanest lakes and virgin forests that stretch for many kilometers, not everyone understands the romance. And yet there is something to see in these parts besides forests and lakes. The main attraction is the weathering pillars on the Man-Pupu-Ner plateau, in 2008 they were recognized as one of the seven wonders of Russia.

There are seven in total and they all have a bizarre shape and reach heights of 30 to 42 meters. There are many legends and traditions associated with this place. In second place are reserves: Yugyd Va and Pechoro-Ilychsky. Yugyd Va is the largest nature reserve in Russia, a vast territory and completely wild nature that has not succumbed to human influence, in its pristine beauty and grandeur. "Komi virgin forests" are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the territory of the Pechoro-Ilychevsky Reserve, in addition to the richest natural beauties, you can visit the only moose farm in the world and chat with these wonderful animals.

The two highest points of the Ural Mountains - Mount Narodnaya and Mount Manaraga still call and attract those who are strong, hardy and can not live without adventure and extreme sports. If you are not confident in your abilities and to conquer hard-to-reach mountain peaks is not included in your plans, take a ride in small but very distinctive towns and villages of the Komi Republic: the oldest settlement of the republic is the village of Yb, Votcha, Volgort, Graddor, Zelenets, Knyazhpogost and Yemva. Lovers of the urbanantripe will undoubtedly enjoy one of the ghost towns of the Urals, Halmer-Yu.

Where do you plan to travel on a motorcycle? If the journey will last without storming the roadsides and ravines and the main thing that your motorcycle will endure is the smooth asphalt of Europe or the uneven of Russia, then you can safely go on any motorcycle. Notice, we mean exactly the roads. Russia is a large country, and roads here are much less than off-road yet very interestiing routes.

How many days will your journey on the motorcycle be continued? This issue is important in terms of the amount of belongings carried with you. Almost all motorcycle models are suitable for the transportation of a certain amount of baggage (although many have to choose - passenger or baggage). But for multi-day trips, those motorcycles that are equipped with wardrobe trunks - metal or plastic, are best suited. From experience, modern motorcycles for travel allow you to take with you the minimum set of things needed for two people. Wardrobe trunk - a motorcycle bag, provides for fastening to a motorcycle, may or may not be locked and may be made of leather, substitute, plastic, metal, their combinations, canister or barrel, sheet and rivets, a suitcase on wheels.

Who do you plan to travel with? If you ride alone and you are comfortable sitting on a motorcycle for days - you can safely ride. But if the "second number" is traveling with you, then a trip on some motorcycle models can turn into a real torture for the second crew member. Take a look at the back seat and the second-seat landing on sports motorbikes or sport-tourist motorbikes. In a few days, you may have to continue on your own. Think not only about yourself, but also your soulmate. The issue of comfort when traveling on a motorcycle has arisen in people's minds for many years. Specifically for the motorcycle industry, there is also something to offer, mainly tied to the word "gel". Nevertheless, one should not forget about the landing as a whole. If the cruiser allows you to stretch your legs, lounging almost like in an armchair, a sports tourist may not allow this.

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