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When it is time to leave, many people begin to think about how to make it as memorable as possible, to receive invaluable emotions and memories, to spend time with health benefits and mental balance

The answer is simple: it's best to go to the mountains. You can spend holidays in the mountains absolutely at any time of the year, the differences will consist only in what type of recreation to choose. Family camping in the mountains. Such a pastime will not leave anyone indifferent. Full unity with nature, the feeling of the purest mountain air and the understanding that there is no need to hurry, the whole world, as if, stops so that a person can feel the atmosphere. In such places does not catch the Internet, so no social networks will not be able to distract from enjoying the rest. At such moments, a person can rethink their life goals, recharge themselves with motivation and new forces.

Jeeping is a tour of impassable natural places. In order to reach the most beautiful places in the mountains, it is impossible to drive or walk. Straight on the most powerful jeeps, through swamps, impassable slopes, shallow waters of rivers, you can reach stunning places that will not leave anyone indifferent. And the process of the trip will charge you with adrenaline.

The geography of ecological tourism is peculiar. If the main international flows of traditional tourists are from developed countries to developed countries, and France, the USA, Spain, Italy are leading among host countries, then ecotourists are sent mainly from developed countries to developing ones. The latter are predominantly in the tropics, whose nature is exotic and attractive to the inhabitants of temperate latitudes. The leaders here are such countries as Kenya, Tanzania, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In the developed countries of Europe and America, ecotourists also often travel through their countries.

Eco-tourists are full of national parks, and visits to some parks even have to be ordered in advance. True, the fragile ecological balance in the "wild" territories does not withstand increasing loads, and there is a need to create new recreational areas. Ecotourists tend to places with untouched nature, but those on our planet are less and less, and many have to be content with landscapes that have already been significantly altered by human activity.

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Mountain vacation destinations

In the world there are many places that tourists haven't even heard

Travel does not always mean visiting the most famous and popular places in the world. Summer is the most beautiful time when many people start planning their holidays and choose where to go for a holiday. Holidays in the mountains will be an excellent choice, because the beach resorts will be crowded and then enjoy the peace and tranquility does not work out. It is foolish to believe that in the summer in the mountains there is absolutely nothing to do. There are many options to turn your vacation into an unforgettable and active holiday.

Rock climbing. A great option for active recreation for the whole family, which teaches to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Climbing brings strength to the mind, trains physical abilities, motivates and charges with emotions. Such a pastime would be an excellent option to spend a vacation in the mountains. Rafting. Such a pastime is perfect for real extreme sports. Rafting is a boat ride on a mountain river. This is what the search for true emotions entails. Such entertainment will be an excellent way of working on yourself, dealing with internal fears and eventually achieving a long-awaited dose of adrenaline.

Full rest is almost a luxury for many modern people. And finding an opportunity to rest in such a way as to completely distract from thoughts about work and other duties is generally not an easy task. Holidays in the mountains have both positive and negative sides, but it is difficult to argue that after a rest in the mountains only positive emotions and memories remain that will please you for a long time and warm your soul.

Choosing a place for summer holidays and planning a trip (especially family) is a big challenge. Practically everyone plans to go on vacation to a picturesque place in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery and see the sights. In the mountains in the summer there is no that sweltering heat that inevitably overtakes any tourist on the beaches and coastal cities.

Mountains never forgive mistakes to anyone. Mountains require respect for their eternal laws. Even if you are not a climber, remember that in the mountains you must strictly follow certain rules of behavior. In the mountains, landslides, rockfalls, avalanches and heavy thunderstorms often occur. First of all, listen to the recommendations of rescue and meteorological services. If the weather forecast is given, it is better to stay at home. If you expect to climb to a height of more than 2000-2500 meters (in any way), be sure to consult with your doctor. At an altitude of 2000-2500 meters begins a terrible lack of oxygen and a sharp decrease in atmospheric pressure, the body can react to it in many different ways. Oxygen starvation or hypoxia can cause mountain sickness even in the most healthy tourist. If time does not detect mountain sickness in a person, then the patient may get pulmonary edema or brain swelling.

Holidays in the mountains are a delightful landscape, mighty century-old forests, unique mountain ranges and rocks, flat canvases, sometimes strewn with bright inflorescences, which means that you will receive not only a restored organism, but also moral and aesthetic pleasure. Also, rarefied mountain air, lack of oxygen, can contribute to weight loss. One of the main advantages is that you can relax in the mountains all year round, as you wish, in any season. The mountain resorts are popular entertainment of varying degrees of complexity - walking, the guide will take you along the extraordinarily beautiful and unique mountain peaks, tell you about the amazing monuments of architecture.

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