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Only a few working people manage to achieve a healthy balance between service and private life

It really is not easy, especially when it comes to a responsible post. With a certain skill and on the basis of accumulated experience, one can come to such an equilibrium with time, but at the beginning of a career, this is not enough for anyone. Work without vacation, late or early, will reduce your ability to work, as well as the sharpness of perception of problems and tasks facing the team.

There will be no office in the office of the future. What is the use of it and is it always necessary to take a vacation? Holidays, especially in summer, and even weekends heal the soul of a person and reduce the effects of stress, and relieve stress, and holidays charge us with precious energy. A vacation getaway will refresh your thinking and improve your long-term vision of problems and challenges.

Despite all the benefits of holidays, many people are not able to get out of their daily routine for a number of reasons (business, financial difficulties). In this case, they need to leave time daily for any activities that are enjoyable (sports, walking, cycling, meeting friends, day trips, attending cultural events, etc.). To get out of vacation for the body painlessly: prepare for work, get back to your daily routine in advance, move more and choose products that help maintain a good mood. And most importantly: no sudden movements, get out of the holiday smoothly, because the body must get used to the labor regime and then returning to work will bring pleasure, not additional stress.

In a new, unfamiliar and relaxed atmosphere, adults do not lose the ability, as in childhood, to cognize the almost childishly surrounding reality, to absorb new faces, places, smells, tastes, and this can all help unlock creative ideas. Even if you do not work in the creative field, like art or entertainment, released from the depths of a person's playfulness and fun, returning to childish surprise and curiosity can help you deal with problems at work or in life.

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Without regular rest, your brain may simply shut down due to overload at the most inopportune moment

Intense physical, intellectual and emotional loads associated with responsible work make it absolutely impossible for a person to smoothly transition from professional activities to relaxation and rest. Trying to reconcile working relationships with communication outside the professional sphere, many people suffer from different demands from these areas. Therefore, a vacation, even a short one, is just what it takes to gain new strength and rethink priorities.

Often we go to hot countries to rest, but only harm our body. Grueling flights, change of climate and diet, post-departure depression undermine our immunity and nerves. How to spend a vacation with health benefits? Of course, a vacation can jeopardize your health: beach lovers burn in the sun, hikers can get poisoned with ivy, aviourists have headaches. But you stay at home, as many can do this summer, and your health will suffer even more.

Gastronomic preferences of different nations of the world are not just a matter of taste. People choose exactly those products that help the body to function better in these conditions, but for foreigners such food can sometimes be dangerous. Indian and Thai cuisines, for example, are famous for their abundant use of spices. Seasoning disinfects dishes, but a person who is not used to such a kitchen may experience dyspeptic disorders.

Research scientists show that many people spend so intense vacation that they return home more exhausted than recovered. The all-inclusive recreation system is one of the main enemies of tourists. In total for a week of such food it is possible to type up to five kilograms. Because of the increased food intake, the muscular wall of the stomach is stretched and the body expands in volume, which means that more food is needed for satiation. There is a basic rule - do not put on the plate all the food that is in your field of vision. Limit yourself to three or four kinds of dishes in small portions. If you do not have enough, you always have the opportunity to walk with a plate along the buffet again. Remember - the body feels full only after half an hour. Therefore, eat slowly, enjoying each piece. Do not eat flour desserts at every meal. Replace them with fruit and yogurt, for example, for lunch and dinner.

Give up your job, and spend time with your family, give free rein to your personal interests, or just enjoy the fact that you don't have to rush to work in the morning and have plenty of sleep. Managers who understand the need for rest for staff must demonstrate to employees that they understand the importance and the need for free time to relax. If you are a leader, then you should become an example in the part not only of work, but also of rest for your employees.

Studies and clinical trials have shown that a very high percentage of people suffering from mental disorders showed an improvement after outdoor recreation. In addition, it is assumed that physical activity in the open air, as well as sunbathing (getting vitamin D) help improve mood and reduce depression.

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